Coping with a new baby

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coping with a new baby

Coping with Two: A Stress-Free Guide to Managing a New Baby When You Have Another Child by Simone Cave

I ended up skimming this book because my initial approach to reading it carefully left me bogged down in the details which apparently are only pertinent if you live the UK. From details about how many prenatal visits you have to stocking up on nappies and cotton wool, I found this book more interesting as a cultural artifact than as a resource that could help me prepare for life with two children.

I laughed out loud at the food items they suggested mothers stock up on since I don’t think I would ever consider buying these things to create a meal:

“If you stick up on the following you’ll be able to postpone your first post-baby shopping trip by a couple of days:

For the freezer: oven chips, vegetables, berries, bread

For the larder: eggs, baked beans, tins of minestrone soup, long-life milk

This will enable you to eat egg and chips, beans on toast, smoothies (long-life milk and frozen berries), and minestrone (a complete meal)....You can also buy plenty of tea and biscuits or wine and crisps for visitors. By offering a snack you’ll make it clear, should you want to, that you’re not going to be cooking them a meal even if they happen to turn up at lunchtime.”

I can understand tea and biscuits, but wine and crisps? I don’t drink, but that sounds like a gross combination to me, as does beans on toast. Also, what is a larder? A refrigerator? A pantry? Do people in the UK not refrigerate their eggs? That one section of the book left me with several questions, and as a result I decided that maybe there were too many cultural parenting practices espoused in this book that it wasn’t worth it for me to wade through it.
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After the first six weeks, you baby may begin to for coping with those first few weeks with a newborn.
Simone Cave

8 tips to help you cope with a newborn during the first few days home

I feel uncomfortable when assigned the tag of "expert" because I've had five children. After all, I'm not an expert on all babies and I wasn't even an expert on my newborns. However, that said, I do sometimes look at new mothers these days and think "oh, if only I could tell you this or that". But I don't want to get a reputation as an interfering old know-all in my real life. Here, I have no such qualms so I have written out my top ten tips on coping, whether it's your first or fourth. I shall, however, try to stop short of saying "in my day Ignorance can sometimes be bliss : I'm not talking about not knowing the signs of meningitis or preeclampsia , of course.

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It can be difficult to find time for yourselves, your sex life can change, you have to juggle the commitments of work and family and find a way of agreeing on how to bring up the children. A new person in the home, however small they are, has an impact on the relationships of everyone who already lives there as well as on extended families., By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. Coping with the demands of a new baby and everything else that's going on around you can be stressful. You can spend a whole day trying and failing to get one job done. Just as you start something, your baby wakes up, a nappy needs changing, or they need a bit of attention. Sometimes you can feel as though life is completely out of control.

Our beautiful little boy is three and half months old now. It is amazing how much you learn with each child. Some of this stuff I wish I knew when I had my first and second children, so I thought I would share some coping strategies for life with a new baby. I have deliberately put this tip first. The heading of the post can sound like babies are all hard work, but this is definitely not the case.

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