Beatles songs starting with s

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beatles songs starting with s

A Hard Days Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song by Steve Turner

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Was there really a Polythene Pam? Where are Strawberry Fields? What connection does the actor Peter Fonda have with the song She Said She Said? In this book music journalist Steve Turner shatters some well-worn myths and reveals many unknown stories behind every Beatle Song, from I Saw Her Standing There to Abbey Roads The End. The lyrics that have been etched in our collective memories take on new meaning as the ordinary people and events behind each song are revealed. Arranged chronologically by album and packed with color and black and white photographs and illustrations, A Hard Days Write is hard to put down. Look up one song and you find yourself stopping to read about the others as the mini-stories recount how private incidents influenced the Beatles, collectively and as individual artists. A longtime Beatles admirer, Turner tracked down and interviewed the real-life subjects of the songs, probed public records, and newspaper archives, and spoke in depth to the personalities closest to the Beatles. The result is a book no Beatles fan should be without.
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The Beatles-She´s leaving home

10 Beatles songs for beginners, now that you can stream their music

I first heard of the Beatles when I was nine years old. I spent most of my holidays on Merseyside then, and a local girl gave me a bad publicity shot of them with their names scrawled on the back. The funny thing is that parents and all their friends from Liverpool were also curious and proud about this local group. Prior to that, the people in show business from the north of England had all been comedians. The Beatles even recorded for Parlophone, which was a comedy label, as if they believed they might be a passing novelty act. I was exactly the right age to be hit by them full-on.

The Beatles were an English rock band from Liverpool who recorded hundreds of songs during their career. The group's "main catalogue" — songs released between and — consists of songs some of which exist in different versions : originals and 25 covers. Since their break-up , over more songs by the group have been officially released, which include live songs the group never recorded in-studio and numerous outtakes. The band also recorded several songs that remain unreleased. Throughout their career, every band member contributed to songwriting. Their primary songwriters were the partnership of John Lennon and Paul McCartney , who composed the majority of the group's songs; [a] lead guitarist George Harrison wrote 22 songs, while drummer Ringo Starr wrote two songs and was credited as co-writer for four others. Lead vocals were also shared by the group, with Starr usually contributing vocals to one song per album.

The Beatles were clever in their early days in the way that they provided a kind of wish fulfillment to their female fans.
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By Brentney Hamilton. The Beatles are a bit like the Star Wars of pop music: It's hard to believe anyone, regardless of birth date or place, just doesn't get it. Chances are, you'll recognize many by name or within a few seconds through your ear buds. Hey, it spent nine weeks at number one in the U. It's poetic and delicate with a deep sense of purpose -- McCartney told KCRW's Chris Douridas in he wrote it while reflecting on racial tension in the United States during the s. Clocking in at just 2 minutes 19 seconds, it's short, sweet and soulful. The Beatles are often lauded for being ahead of the pop cultural curve, and "Strawberry Fields Forever" may be one of the best examples of this.

James Manning. However many times you've heard it, that "na na na na na na na Nick Levine. Amy Smith. It's another George Harrison joint, named after a mist-wreathed LA street just off the Sunset Strip where he stayed in

They restructured pop and rock music as we know it more than once during the brief seven years that they made records. You can say that about a huge chunk of their tracks too, as you'll see in our list of the Top 50 Beatles Songs. Once the Beatles committed to becoming a full-time studio group, they wasted no time exploring the various shapes and colors tucked away in the technological corners. On Revolver 's closing cut they tripped out, with backward loops, sped-up tapes and exotic instruments buried in the mind-exploding mix. After some of the dust on the matter settled, Lennon wrote a song about it, chronicling his yearlong misadventures with messianic, winking frustration. One of Sgt. Generally credited as one of the first songs to include deliberate feedback, "I Feel Fine" helped shape the Beatles' declaration of independence.

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  1. A comprehensive A-Z list of over songs recorded by The Beatles, from Love Me Do to You can also find songs via the Albums list or the Discography pages . .. there is also s version of them singing it on the Beatles Anthology album and on YouTube. . Starting with “Revolver” their songs became darker and worldly.

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