Best words to use when breaking up with someone

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best words to use when breaking up with someone

Breaking Up Quotes (253 quotes)

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Published 24.10.2019

The Worst and Best Ways to Tell Someone It’s Over

This Is the Best Way to Break Up With Someone, According to Experts

Breakups can often be really difficult. You know that you're ready to be out of the relationship, but that still doesn't necessarily make hurting or disappointing someone any easier. Because it's often a sensitive and complicated conversation full of many different kinds of emotions, it can be hard to know what to say when broaching the topic, breaking the news, or navigating through the conversation. There are some things that you should say or ways you should approach a conversation when breaking up with someone, however, that will help both you and the other person get through it. When you're breaking up with someone, one of the most important things that you can do is be honest and straightforward. Misleading someone isn't going to help things.

I have experience in grief work and the related challenges of growing a family infertility, miscarriage, PPD, etc. I can help you through your life transitions. Top Rated Answers. The whole "it's not you, it's me" thing would only make the person feel worse as its extensively overused and not in the right situations. Being honest really helps in these cases.

Even if you've seen the conversation coming for weeks or months already — and especially if you haven't — you can be left teary and tongue-tied when the moment arrives. Which is why it helps to have on hand some more constructive phrases, and a general idea of how you might handle the situation without coming off as disingenuous or desperate. Here's what she told us.
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Tell the truth — but don’t be cruel

One of the most difficult situations to be in is trying to figure out what to say when you want to break up with someone., In the beginning, it's exciting.

You know what they say—breaking up is hard to do, especially if you really love someone. So you should treat your break up as you would treat the beginning of a relationship, with gentle dignity and respect. After all, it took two to make the relationship work, and two to make the relationship fail. Use kind words and avoid jumping on the defense. You can still be kind in your breakup while being firm.

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