Parenting doesn t come with a manual

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parenting doesn t come with a manual

Kids Dont Come With a Manual: The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life by Carole Saad

- Help your children to become happy, confident and self-reliant.
- Step-by-step solutions to common parenting and family challenges including whining, arguing, homework, tantrums and lack of cooperation.
- Build a stronger relationship with your children and maintain it as they grow.
- Take the blame out of your relationship if you have conflicting parenting styles.
- Tailored to children aged 1 to 18.
- Based on the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience.
Through a series of easy-to-apply tools, insights from the perspective of parents and children, and real-life examples, Carole and Nadim Saad have helped thousands of parents with their parenting programme that equips parents with all the support they need to let go of the guilt and find better alternatives to time-outs, threats, rewards, yelling, giving-in and punishing.
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Parenting Tips - 12 Parenting Hacks for a Smoother and Easier Parenting

Never read a parenting book.
Carole Saad

Parenting Doesn’t Come With an Instruction Manual…That’s Why God Gave Us Mothers

Although you may or may not appreciate the public forum on which I am writing you, my intention of this letter is to share with you, and the world, just how much you mean to me. For some women, the thought of their mom makes their eyes roll. For others, the mention of her name causes them anxiety. For those who do not have relationships at all with their mother, sadness ensues at the mere sight of another mother and her daughter. My memories of you from when I was younger are all coated in unconditional love.

Becoming a parent is a little scary. On the other hand, being put to the test is a small price to pay for parenthood — one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. As parents, we want the very best for our kids: to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. We want our kids to live up to their potential, to grow up to be decent human beings, and to contribute back to society. For instance, when our kids fall down, we feel their pain; when our kids lose, we lose with them; and when our kids get rejected, we feel their disappointment. As loving parents, we make every effort to guide our kids to the Promised Land and shield them from dangers lurking around the bend. Unfortunately, sometimes our well-intentioned actions set us on a collision course with our kids.

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As the parents of three children, struggling like so many others to find a balanced and effective parenting style, we turned away from all the parenting fads and studied the hard scientific evidence on what really works. The techniques we learnt were so life changing, yet so straightforward, that we made it our mission to convert them into powerful step by step tools and make them available to parents world over. Return and Refund policy. It reads well, it is easy to digest, and it contains useful and practical information for parents. I loved the format — the voice of the child vs Strict and All heart parent as it helps parents accept responsibility for how their behaviour plays out in their children. Nadim and Carole tackled their differences in parenting styles by studying reams of child-rearing research.

She was 18, pregnant and living in her car when a friend referred her to the Catholic Charities pregnancy and parenting education program. She reconnected with her family, goes to college, and lovingly cares for Kayden. Because of you, they succeed. In addition, research proves good parenting prevents child abuse. Most clients were pregnant teens. Click on the photo to view it. Many of these new clients also benefit from these services.

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