Best songs with long titles

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best songs with long titles

Long Title: Looking for the Good Times; Examining the Monkees Songs, One by One by Michael A. Ventrella

“Here we come. Walking down the street. We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet. Hey, hey, we’re The Monkees!”

The idea of creating a tv series about a wacky rock group similar to The Beatles had been unsuccessfully kicked around Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures since 1962, but by 1965, The Beatles were on their second tour, and their Help! album, single, and tour created a popularity wave called Beatlemania. The enormous success of their A Hard Day’s Night album and single convinced Screen Gems to green light the tv series idea, and The Monkees were born. A fake band seemed odd in the real world still reeling from race riots, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and the Vietnam War, but delightful Davy Jones, peppy Peter Tork, madcap Micky Dolenz, and comparatively serious Michael Nesmith were too busy singing to bring anybody down. Fake became steak by late 1966, and with help from super musicians Tommy Boyce, Bobby Bart, Neil Diamond, Chip Douglas, Carole King, John Stewart, and others, the series skyrocketed to hit status along with #1 music albums and hit singles, such as “The Last Train to Clarksville,” “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone,” and “I’m a Believer.”

Authors Michael A. Ventrella and Mark Arnold now analyze all The Monkee’s songs and albums produced over 50 years. Discover the band’s detailed history, a listing of all live performances and TV appearances, and a listing of all of their singles and albums that made the Billboard charts. Come and watch them sing and play. Discover the secrets of their recordings: which of The Monkees played what instruments on each song, when it was recorded, how well that song did on the charts, whether there were any interesting cover versions of the song done, and when it first appeared on a record. Profusely illustrated with album covers, single covers, live performance pictures, and trivia pictures. Index.
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Do you know the title of the longest song? How about the longest book title? Check this out to find out! One of the longest known I had known is the name of my classmate in college — Maria Leonora Theresa delos Reyes. This person was born in Texas, USA in His name is the longest in the United States mainland.

The prolific Oscar nominee! Okay, Sufjan, if you insist. Travel back to a simpler time when you dressed entirely in black and listened to Panic! At The Disco with sincerity. Not like now, where you dress entirely in black and listen to Panic! At The Disco with sincerity masked as irony.

A s the designated compiler of playlists of Guardian readers' recommendations, I am often asked truth: I am never asked : how do you come up with a fresh theme each week? Well, sometimes readers email me at jon. And sometimes, well, I just think of them myself. So last week I asked for your favourite songs with titles of 10 words or more. It was nominated by Severin , who adds the caveat: "I disagree with almost every word of the lyric but musically I love it.

To honour the release of Lana Del Rey's latest single, we've put together a short playlist of 9 songs with really long titles.
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Why the Internet Thinks Tropical Storm Karen Is Hilarious

And founding guitarist Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak is kind enough to tell the tale at least one more time. While looking through some old National Geographic magazines in former vocalist Thomas Diaz's garage, the pair found a flexi disc of whale sounds , and used it as the backdrop for guitar and air-organ swells. Though they've been pegged as the epicenter of "emo revival," The World Is a Beautiful Place is closer to a band like Broken Social Scene, with its fluctuating lineup and epic narrative scope. The lyrics to "January 10, ," the first single from the band's newest album Harmlessness out today , quote liberally from a story in a episode of This American Life about the murders of two bus drivers in Ciudad Juarez allegedly committed by an anonymous female vigilante. So Shanholtzer-Dvorak was kind enough to discuss a handful of other creative works—mostly individual songs, but a few albums and a movie—with equally long or even longer titles. Shanholtzer-Dvorak: This is one of those songs that constantly pops up. I just think of it as background music that could be playing anywhere.


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  2. And while many artists opt for song titles that look good etched into a Grammy, others just want to have a good laugh.

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