The angel with the broken wing

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the angel with the broken wing

The Bird With The Broken Wing by D.L. Richardson

Guardian angel Rachael finds herself trapped in Purgatory with Ben Taylor, a young soldier with a secret thats driving him insane. Desperate to see him ascend into Heaven she breaks the rules about becoming involved and keeping her identity a secret. Her decision to stay in Purgatory to help Ben seems a good plan. Except theyve been stuck for ten years already and Ben is no closer to ascending.

The unexpected appearance of a feisty teenager, Jet Jones, throws Rachaels wings into a tailspin. The instant attraction between Jet and Ben means the angels work is getting ignored. And without her help, Bens soul will be trapped and she will have failed in her mission.

But Jets appearance also brings a chilling revelation. Maybe Bens soul isnt the only one that needs saving.
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Phora - Angels With Broken Wings [Official Audio]

Was life so unyielding for you to fall from your office building? Did you cry or did you sing, angel with a broken wing? What caused you to take that final fatal flight, like a wayward broken and tattered kite, storm-tossed with no steady string, o angel with a broken wing?
D.L. Richardson

The Value of Sparrows

Hello Classics Words Blog F. Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Jun Angel With the Broken Wing. Today I found an angel's wing Just lying on the ground As I held the feathers in my hand I couldn't even utter a sound I wondered if she had fallen Or maybe been hit by a plane I had to go ask my mama I knew my mama could explain As I ran into the kitchen I couldn't find her anywhere She wasn't on the front porch swing Sometimes I'd find her there When I stepped into the backyard I saw mama on the ground I ran to my neighbors as fast as I could And told them where mama was found The neighbors called the ambulance They said mama had gone to Heaven Daddy came home as fast as he could To his sons just six and seven Daddy tried his best to explain to us Why sometimes that people die He said she's in a better place And that it's okay to cry Mama took us to church on Sundays And she was always the first to sing But I knew Jesus needed my mama that day To help the angel with the broken wing.

Your tears flow with every hour; your cries are filled with pain. Like almost everything in loves game, you will find that with time, life can be wonderful again, and mend an angel with a broken wing. Amazing title for an absolute amazing relateable piece of poetry! You write so well David! Much wisdom as always shared I loved and agree with you totally in this one and am so happy you shared and chose to pen this sad and wonderful piece

Thanks for this great interview filled with insights about process!
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I am the Angel with the Broken Wing, The one large statue in this quiet room. The docents praise my elegant design Above the chatter of the gallery.



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