Punisher war journal 6 value

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punisher war journal 6 value

Civil War: Punisher War Journal by Matt Fraction

What a mess. I mean, aside from a paper thin plot-Frank is recruited by Cap Am during Civil War, guess what happens-the script is barely coherent and seems done by an aspiring writer, not Matt Fraction.
The story is confused, the narration is hacked, ellipses look like holes, I mean, WTF?

Frank talks way too much, to a point he seems off-character-Ennis bad influence on the much better Max imprint I reckon.
Even Cap seems out of himself with some speech to kill VCs when touring Marines Boot Camps.

The only good issue is the last one, bittersweet funerals for a C-list villain.

I dont like Olivettis art. Period. Not to say hes bad, it just aint my cuppa. Deodato illustrates the 4th but in a sad low key mode.

To say I bought the whole lot of TPBs at a bargain sale...
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Jim Lee and Carl Potts' Attention to Detail in The Punisher: War Journal #1

The Punisher War Journal #6. About Analyzer Modeler. Fair Market Value. Last calculated 09/20/ Hypothetical value. No graded copies known to exist.
Matt Fraction

The Punisher War Journal #6

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Born in Queens , New York , [25] to Sicilian immigrants, [22] the young Francis Castiglione studied in the seminary for a time, [26] , married his wife, Maria , who was already pregnant with their first child , before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps , eventually rising to the rank of Captain. He was assigned to be Castiglione's guide, and through Phan, he learned how to survive in the wilderness. At one point, his friend from training, Roger Wong, was found to be running a black market supplying the locals with weapons. To keep him away from the trial Frank was sent stateside for a month, running a recruitment office. It was here that he met Linus Lieberman, who would soon become Microchip, for the first time, when he disqualified him from the draft for having flat feet and being overweight.

Follow mode. Previous Next. With the memory of his loved ones haunting his every breath and blow , the Punisher remains locked in his quest for vengeance. Frank has plans to go to the park where his family was killed but must handle a mobster situation first. Your review about The Punisher War Journal issue Add your own comment.

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Click to Get an Appraisal. For many heroes and villains, public interest waxes and wanes, and the Punisher is one anti-hero who has had plenty of ups and downs.

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The first volume, published from to , was spun off of a self-titled series featuring the vigilante's exploits. After this, the character went through a number of incarnations in Marvel's imprints, such as Marvel Knights [1] [2] and MAX , [3] that were outside of regular Marvel continuity. The second volume of War Journal , published between and by writer Matt Fraction , placed the character firmly in the ongoing Marvel Universe inhabited by superheroes such as the Avengers and Spider-Man , and super-villains such as Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. This was reflected in the series by tying into crossover events of the Marvel Universe proper, including " Civil War ", [4] " World War Hulk ", [5] and " Secret Invasion ". Originally written and penciled by Carl Potts , and inked by Jim Lee , who soon became series penciler, it changed creative teams with issue 25 December to writer Mike Baron and penciler-inker Mark Texeira. Chuck Dixon took over as writer with 38 January , continuing with it to the final issue, except for April — January which were written by Steven Grant. The series was relaunched the following decade, titled simply Punisher War Journal , beginning with a new 1 January

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