Where is alexis sky parents from

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where is alexis sky parents from

Books similar to Not a Fan: Teen Edition

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Published 14.10.2019

Alexis Sky DNA results for Solo Lucci paternity case! FETTY WAP IS THE FATHER! #LHHNY

DRAMA: Alexis Skyy Responds To Fetty Wap Saying He’s NOT The Father Of Her Daughter!

Last Updated on September 12, She is of American nationality and part of the mixed ethnicity with Dominican and Jamaican descent. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Alexis got raised by her grandmother and mother her siblings. In the early stages of her career, she paid the bills taking the job a stripper in a club, and she does not regret her decision as it paid her bills.

After reportedly falling ill on a plane , Alaiya was rushed to hospital in New York by her mother Alexis Skyy on Monday. When they were there, it was revealed that the tot, who was born weight just 1lb and three months premature, needed brain surgery to fix an implant in her head. Alexis revealed that she was being allowed home today with an adorable photo of Alaiya sitting up in bed playing. Her head was covered in a hat and she was still connected to machines, but other than that she appeared bubbly and happy. The little one had to undergo a new procedure to replace the implant after it started malfunctioning. Following her premature birth, Alaiya suffers from hydrocephalus, which creates bleeding in the brain which needs to be drained. The implant is what is put in place to help it.

We come to the world with a clean slate and then start filling it up with our actions. Some are lucky to have a clear path defined by destiny, but some of us have to deal with all the curveballs the world throws at us until we come out victorious. Without a level playing field, the world has become a battlefield, and everyone is trying to prove themselves. Unfortunately, while some climb the ladder without trampling other people, others drag down whatever or whoever they come across. Alexis Skyy has been in the limelight mostly for all the wrong reasons; if it is not baby daddy drama, it is about the poor life choices she is making. However, someone said we should not judge anyone without understanding what they had to go through to get to where they are. So, before any more stones are thrown at Alexis, an insight into what she is all about might help you know why she does what she does.

2. Alexis welcomed her daughter three months before the due date

She finally responded to the rumors, and called out Fetty Wap. This is ridiculous. Please stop the nonsense Fetty. This makes me so upset. Stop lying down having unprotected intercourse with these men who have multiple kids and different mothers. It shows that they have no morals or character. Furthermore, it shows your ignorance bc you choose him to possibly be the father of your child and in your life forever.

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