What sound does a giraffe

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what sound does a giraffe

Vivienne Westwood by Vivienne Westwood

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The Animal Sounds: Giraffe Humming - Sound Effect - Animation

Science Says This Is the Sound Giraffes Make

GA Anderson is a freelance writer for private and commercial publishing platforms. Find out what sounds giraffes make and what a giraffe does sound like. Bleats, mews, coughs, and hisses from young giraffes, plus grunts and snores from older ones and the infra-sound whooshes are hard for people to hear. Yet, these are the sounds giraffes do make. This article will also feature trivia giraffe facts for kids and adults.

Find out what sounds giraffes make and what a giraffe does sound like. Bleats, mews, coughs, and hisses from young giraffes, plus grunts and.
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A Quest for Giraffe Sounds

Last Updated on September 4th, Perhaps a grunt like their camel cousins? Maybe something similar to horse? Ask any friend or family member and they will give you a different answer. Go on, try finding out. I only know the sound a giraffe makes because I spent an entire week in Serengeti National Park , following the long-necked giants with my audio recorder.

So goes the opening sentence of the new research paper by Angela Stoeger and colleagues from the University of Vienna. Undoubtedly, giraffes are far less vocal than many other related mammals. To the casual human observer giraffes, whether in a zoo or in the wild, appear to be silent. Others however have suggested that, while clearly rare, giraffes do communicate vocally. Moreover, recent research has found that, contrary to the traditional view of giraffe herds as loose collections of non-bonded individuals, giraffes have a very structured social system based upon strong social bonds. Other species with this kind of social system such as elephants and buffalo are strong vocal communicators, which is thought to be crucial in maintaining group cohesion.

According to audio recordings of giraffes taken at three European zoos, the long-legged animals sometimes produce "a low-frequency vocalization with a rich harmonic structure and of varying duration" at night, the researchers wrote in the study. It's unclear why giraffes hum, "however, the acoustic structure is interesting, and might indicate that it is a communicative signal," said senior author Angela Stoeger, the head of the mammal communication lab at the University of Vienna. Researchers know surprisingly little about giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis auditory communication, she said. They are known to make the occasional snort or grunt, but whether giraffes use these vocalizations to communicate is not known, Stoeger told Live Science. But there's inconclusive evidence for this idea, prompting Stoeger and her colleagues to start recording giraffes in an effort to learn more about the noises they make, and whether those noises are used for communication.

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