What are yo momma jokes

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what are yo momma jokes

The 100 Best Yo Mama Jokes Quotes by Jess Franken

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Published 04.10.2019

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Yo momma is so fat when she got on the scale it said, "I need your weight not your phone number. Yo momma is so fat, I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing. Yo momma is so fat that when she went to the beach a whale swam up and sang, "We are family, even though you're fatter than me. Yo mamma is so ugly when she tried to join an ugly contest they said, "Sorry, no professionals. Yo momma's so fat and old when God said, "Let there be light," he asked your mother to move out of the way.

Around 1, BCE, a student in ancient Babylon inscribed six riddles on a tablet. The tablet in question was first discovered back in by an archaeologist named J. Sadly, the tablet itself has since disappeared, but van Dijk left behind a copy of what the tablet had to say, as well as the delightfully pissy assertion that the tablet featured "very careless writing" and so was obviously the work of a student. The tablet features a half-dozen riddles, which researchers Nathan Wasserman and Michael Streck recently analyzed for the journal Iraq. Though they call the tablet an example of "wisdom literature," meaning these the riddles were metaphors meant to impart pithy little truths. And while there's definitely an aspect of that, at least a few of the riddles sound like some very early stabs at comedy.

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Top definition. Yo mamma unknown. It is an overly used gay joke that disses someones mom. Came from the show Yo Mamma. Yo mamma is so stupid she was talking into a letter trying to send voice mail. Yo mamma is so fat the last time she saw her phone number was on a weight scale.

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