What is sap hana platform

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what is sap hana platform

Software Development on the SAP HANA Platform by Mark Walker

Please note: the publisher provided a free copy of the digital version of the book to me for the purposes of review.

I have mixed feelings about this book. Most the content is pretty good, but there are two major points I would make against this book which I think potential readers should take into consideration.

1. The title and description is completely inaccurate. This isnt a book about Software Development on HANA. It is a book about Information Modeling on HANA. It doesnt cover SQLScript Procedures/AFL/Table Creation/Schemas/Sequences/etc. It is OK for information modeling; but that alone. If your focus is only learning more about Information Modeling, then this is probably a source you should check out. However if you want holistic SAP HANA Development, you will certainly be disappointed by how much this book doesnt cover.

2. While true that it contains one chapter on XSJS/UI5; the approach suggested by this chapter is completely wrong. I cant possibly stress this enough: I strongly warn people that the information in this chapter should largely be avoided at all costs and will actually lead you down a very incorrect path. I think the author completely misunderstands how XSJS should work and that misunderstanding comes out strongly in this chapter. The author proposes using XSJS to generate HTML mixed with your data. This is so completely against everything SAP suggests for the use of UI5 and XSJS. XSJS services should be pure data and contain no UI formating. The UI should be client side and only call XSJS services as REST services when data is needed or events which need processing on the server occur.

Furthermore I tracked a list of smaller items of inaccuracy and outright incorrect information.

My overall opinion: The author is someone who is strong in creating information models (Attribute/Analytic/Calculation views), but doesnt really have good experience with SAP HANA Development in the broader sense. If the book had only been advertised and contained information on this subset, it would actually be quite good. However by trying to expand into areas the author doesnt really understand, he does a disservice to the reader.
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SAP HANA Cloud Platform and S/4HANA

What's the difference between SAP HANA, S/4HANA and HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA high-performance analytic appliance is an application that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. This allows the application to provide instantaneous results from customer transactions and data analyses. It is capable of using three styles of data replication depending on the source of the data — log-based, ETL-based and trigger-based. The relocated structured data is stored directly in memory. Because of this, data can be accessed quickly in real time by the applications that use HANA. Toggle navigation Menu.

Posted by Saiprashanth Reddy Venumbaka on April 28, More by this author. Next-generation applications not only require transactional capabilities but also require advanced analytical capabilities and the ability to process structured, unstructured and streaming data. Columnar store eliminates the need for indexes and materialized views, enabling ad hoc query processing that deliver insights on fresh data. You can read more about other database services foundation features such as multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering in my previous blogs. In addition to the core database foundation features, SAP HANA Platform also includes processing capabilities that enable advanced analytics on diverse types of data.

Or see our complete list of local country numbers. Run the business data platform for the intelligent enterprise on any cloud or on-premise to act with live intelligence, modernize for agility and scale cost-effectively. Harness the power of your data and accelerate trusted outcome-driven innovation by developing intelligent and live solutions for real-time decisions and actions on a single data copy.
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Here is what we cover in the Course

In addition, it performs advanced analytics predictive analytics , spatial data processing , text analytics, text search, streaming analytics , graph data processing and includes extract, transform, load ETL capabilities as well as an application server. The first product shipped in late November In , SAP promoted aspects of cloud computing. Rather than versioning , the software utilizes service packs , referred to as Support Package Stacks SPS , for updates. Support Package Stacks are released every 6 months. Column-oriented systems store all data for a single column in the same location, rather than storing all data for a single row in the same location row-oriented systems.

It is important to note that SAP's HANA data store -- which was first release in -- is a fundamentally different architecture to your classic relational database. It runs in-memory, meaning data is stored in columns instead of rows, allowing for faster, near to real-time analytics and compute capabilities. SAP has had trouble in the past getting across what HANA is, and why customers should shift their precious enterprise data to this new data store. Read next: How SAP stopped worrying and learned to love the cloud. It is not public cloud for some companies, it is public cloud for everybody, and it is a matter of time. If you look at the growth rate and the curve for the cloud revenue vs the on-prem you can already predict when it is going to happen, it is very simple. It is clear for me that the cloud will surpass the on-prem in the next few years.

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  1. The in-memory computing platform that lets you accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify your IT environment.

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