William graham sumner the forgotten man

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william graham sumner the forgotten man

The Forgotten Man by William Graham Sumner

One who takes a favor or submits to patronage demeans himself.
The basis of The Forgotten Man is that the men & women who get on by themselves become the prey of the State in giving favor to classes who at first cannot do for themselves and later will not.
He produces goods and services, goes to church, pays his taxes, and lives outside the system of favor.
Sumners take on Unionism is especially interesting. Its been over 100 years and weve witnessed a significant decline in the favored class of Unionism, mostly due to the export of jobs rather than the elevated status of those workers.
The Welfare state is another, along with every other tentacle of the Entitled Class of the modern Leviathan.
Its a very short essay that you can read in 1/2 hour. It will provide you a solid foundation in the bare-knuckled realities of life.
Pity can be turned into a weapon (as explained in The Great Divorce). The Dole can only turn people into slaves. Charity (not dole) is best served face to face by friends with expectations set.
I suppose that the old superstition of when you give a gift of a knife, the recipient must give you something in return, or it will cut your relationship.
The Forgotten Man is that person who will bear the cost of favors lavished on others until he is completely exhausted.
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William G. Sumner

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Although not formally educated, his father was a supporter of free trade and temperance. When Sumner was eight his mother died, leaving him and his two siblings in the care of an affection-less stepmother. His parents stressed the values of sobriety, autonomy, and personal responsibility. These ideals had a significant influence on his direction and subsequent works. After graduating from high school in Hartford where he spent most of his childhood, Sumner attended Yale University and obtained his degree in He then went on to study in Germany, Switzerland, and at Oxford, where he prepared for the Episcopalian clergy. Sumner returned to Yale as a classics tutor from and was ordained a minister of the Episcopal Church in July of

Whatever case can be made for social justice if any , will have to be one that takes the best libertarian critiques of social justice seriously. Quite apart from its content, the essay is memorable for its style and rhetorical effectiveness. But there is a substance beneath the style. Every such program, Sumner wrote, begins with some person A observing some problem from which another person X appears to be suffering. A talks it over with B, and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X.

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In his day, William Graham Sumner was one of the most prestigious and widely read libertarian intellectuals in the United States. A professor of political and social science at Yale, Sumner was one of the founding figures in the academic discipline of sociology. And his most famous and enduring work, Folkways , is still regarded as an important sociological exploration of cultural norms and institutions that, along the way, develops important insights into the theory of spontaneous order. Beyond his more technical academic work, however, Sumner also wrote passionately and voluminously in defense of laissez-faire on a wide range of social issues. Let us begin by examining the meaning and basis of the charge of social Darwinism.

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