Touch the sky song story

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touch the sky song story

The Nun of Monza by Mario Mazzucchelli

This was one of my fathers books and I first read it as a young girl. Re-reading it now I still love it.

I understand that there have been several films made of this book as it has all of the ingredients for a rather sensational film. The stage is set at the turn of the seventeenth century when a young girl from Lombardy enters the convent of the Humble Benedictine Nuns of Monza.

By chance, Sister Virginia (as she becomes known) just happens to look out of the convent windows and sees Gian Paolo, who happens to live in the palace next door. An amazing story follows but I dont want to spoil this in any way and will leave it to the reader to enjoy this exquisite book.

The denouement is exceptional, however justice prevails!

This is one of those rare books that once read can be re-read at any time.
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But when I began to chart out the song I had to stop and think about whether these lyrics were really appropriate for congregational singing. One friend agreed when I stated that the words were not exactly linear but rather nebulous, and he issued a wonderful challenge. I had to process that for a day or so. And I agree with him in many ways. Crystal clear is often the better choice in serving the purpose of creating an environment of worship in Spirit and in Truth. So I wrote back to this friend who by the way is a wonderful worship leader whom I highly respect and look to for advice and wisdom and explained that although many of the worshipers in my congregation feel more comfortable in a linear, logical, clearly expressed worshiping environment, there are also people in the congregation who respond more readily to the poetic imagery of songs like Touch The Sky.

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Go to Songsear. Looking for a song I heard somewhere in a video on YouTube but can't find it. Can anyone help me with finding the name of the song and singer as well? I'm looking for a song that has a male voice that has a higher range, its kind of EDM sounding with lyrics that go, "call me, hear me, feel me" those are the ones that stick out in my mind. Please help!

Taya Smith and Jadwin Gillies lead a crowd of 17, at the Forum in Los Angeles in worship songs by Hillsong, Oct. 23, | (Photo: DPS.
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Touch The Sky is a song by Hillsong that appears on their album Empires which was released on May The song is a great of the band members Joel Houston and Taya Smith. It also tells what happened after a true surrender takes place in the life of a believer. Experiences can help us to motivate and an inspiration to us to do something in our lives and pushes us to be the best version of ourselves. All we want is to get a respect from other people and for sure you also wanted to be known as a successful person.

The new album, which releases on May 26, is Hillsong's follow-up to "Zion," their fastest-selling album to date. We live in a culture now, much like back then, where status was based on who you were and what you looked like and who you knew or what labels were attached to you, much in the same way as back then. The band leader went on to share his observations of people around the world who crave happiness and meaning, but seek them through earthly desires - always striving for the top. If only I was a pastor or a leader or talent or abilities maybe God would accept me, but it's the opposite," Houston added. We find God from a position of surrender.

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