Blood brothers film willy russell

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blood brothers film willy russell

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

I dont really read a lot of plays/musicals and if I do read them, they arent usually in this genre. But during my GCSEs, this was one of the plays selected for me to study for my exams- so basically I was forced to read this. However, I was surprised that I did enjoy this a little.

The things I most enjoyed about this was the little pieces of comedy, and how there was this whole superstition thing that tied the plot together.
I really liked both of the brothers, but for me Linda was not my cup of tea...
The relationship with the 2 mothers was also really interesting to see and their development was really enjoyable to witness- you could almost see them manipulating and breaking throughout different scenes. I also really enjoyed Sammie, he was quite comical, but also violent.
The music in this too was a bit up and down, some songs were really enjoyable, but others not so much (they all fitted very nicely in the plot though, which was nice as other musicals sometimes dont fit music in nicely for me sometimes).

I would recommend reading this to some, I also watched the play live with my school and I certainly would be lying if I say that I didnt enjoy myself that day.
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Blood Brothers Part 1

Blood Brothers is a musical with book, lyrics, and music by Willy Russell. The story is a contemporary nature versus nurture plot, revolving around fraternal twins.
Willy Russell

BLOOD BROTHERS Review: Willy Russell’s award-winning musical has not lost any of its power

After 24 years and more than 10, performances, the musical Blood Brothers will, on November 10, finally leave the West End stage. Its story, of fraternal twins who are separated at birth and lead dramatically different lives, has played to packed houses, left its audience in tears, won four best musical awards and been called one of the greatest musicals of all time. It is a rare event and he establishes his boundaries from the start. I want to talk about things that matter. It is no doubt one reason why his plays have depth as well as being entertaining. They have also provided a forum for him to work through issues of, or similar to, his own.

By Elaine Peake March 15, Elaine Peake: How did you get the idea of the story? Sometimes that happens, but very very very rarely. Thinking back, when I was at my first secondary school when I was eleven, I do remember somehow being involved in some class that was looking at a play. And I have this dim memory of the idea of a baby being taken in one direction and its nurture being decided by which baby was taken from a pram. WR : Fantastic!

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Blood Brothers is a musical with book, lyrics, and music by Willy Russell. The story is a contemporary nature versus nurture plot, revolving around fraternal twins Mickey and Eddie, who were separated at birth, one subsequently being raised in a wealthy family, the other in a poor family. The different environments take the twins to opposite ends of the social spectrum, one becoming a councillor, and the other unemployed and in prison. They both fall in love with the same girl, causing a rift in their friendship and leading to the tragic death of both brothers. Russell says that his work was based on a one-act play that he read as a child "about two babies switched at birth

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