Why am i such a coward

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why am i such a coward

Coward Quotes (151 quotes)

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why am i such a coward about colors?

Cowardice in men can be traced back to time immemorial. Men have always been expected to be brave in order to defend their countries, homes and families in general and anybody who did not do this was branded a coward. However, cowardice in the modern day cannot be classified under the same umbrella. Men are not expected to fight with other men in order to prove their worth. But this does not mean that cowards do not exist amidst them. There are a few signs of a coward guy which will help you stay clear of them. This is the first sign that you are dealing with a coward.

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Okay so since young, i've always been a passive and meek guy, trying to avoid conflicts and fights whenever possible. Whenever someone shouts or insults me, I tend to clench my fists and take the insults, becoming passive and apologising to the one insulting me, despite it being his fault of being an asshole. It's been 2 weeks since the loan and he keeps making excuses, saying he would repay the debt later. Another week passed, he said he would return next week. I couldn't resist the urge to tell him off on how irresponsible he is acting and I will look for him if he doesn't pay me back.

Im so anxious and terrified that I couldn't focus on doing anything else today. the legal system is there for, don't be afraid to use it or think its cowardly to do so.
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They are negative, draining and good for absolutely nothing. But some of you are just downright afraid. The truth is, some of you are really just a bunch of fearful and cowardly individuals who have never been given a chance to confess who you really are to anyone. Come on now…this is a safe place. I promise not to tell anyone what you and I already know about you. Alright, so here goes: Confess your cowardice to me, my child now this is the point where you start to confess how cowardly you are to me.

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  1. Let us accept that we are all cowards albeit to a different degree. No one has infinite courage, nor is such extreme courage desirable. You must be realistic in.

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