Unjust laws in our society today

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unjust laws in our society today

Civil Disobedience Quotes (62 quotes)

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Published 18.07.2019

Disobeying Unjust Laws

As my main candidates for “unjust laws of the last half a millennium,” I self- governing society, the government ought to keep its nose out of.

The Moral Responsibility to Disobey Unjust Laws

I have almost finished discussing about Ten Commandment. Ten Commandment was a set of law given by God to maintain relationship between God and human and between human and their fellows. However, Ten Commandment is quite general law. Due to complex interconnection between human, all countries in the world need to formulate a kind of civil law. Since civil law was man-made and human has tendency to become corrupt given enough power, a lot of civil laws are unjust law. I can point out many characteristics of unjust laws, such as heavy punishment for trivial activities that cause no visible life or property damage, oppressing common and poor people and favoring those rich and powerful, the use of vague language so that the law can be open to any interpretation as long as the person can hire cunning lawyers In other words, the correct interpretation is interpretation of people with most money or power. In this post, I would like to elaborate most common unjust laws in all countries around the world.

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What are Unjust Laws?

The article on freedom John Stewart Mill wrote is basically about freedom and most people are right. We live in a perfect world, so we often have unfair laws. Many civic activists also believe in our obligation to violate our rights as well as unfair legislation. The question is, where does this freedom come from? Those folk activists believe that we have the right to be given by God and no one can take it.

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