High risk civilian contractor training

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high risk civilian contractor training

James Yeager (Author of High Risk Civilian Contracting - Working in a War Torn World)

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Published 18.07.2019

Private Military Contractor Course 2018 - European Security Academy

Private Military Contractor

All our instructors belonged to Russian Special Forces. Since the moment of foundation we are offering both civilian and tactical training courses providing special trainings for law enforcement and military units. We have a mobile training team and we are able to organize courses in different countries of the world. Tactical and firearms training for civilians and security Individual tactical and firearms training Tactical and firearms training for Military and law enforcement. We have highly qualified instructors.

Close Quarters Battle means fighting inside of a structure for the rescue of a client or for a raid. Topics include raid planning, route planning, recon, asset management, team movement in rural and urban settings, multiple breaches, signals, security, support, elements of an assault and casualty collection. This is an intense fast paced course. You will be pushed in a series of square range. We are typically asked what type of physical condition a student should be in to attend this course. There is no easy answer. If you want to get the most out of this course you should be in moderate condition at least.

Formerly called the "Shooting Package" this class has evolved into much more since its inception. Whether it is your first trip to the desert, or you are returning to the jungle, the Tactical Response 5-Day High Risk Civilian Contractor course can get you back up to speed with your firearms and tactical training. What makes our course different? We use seasoned operators fresh out of third world countries to teach the courses. You get recent, relevant, and realistic information and training from men who have been there. Candidates for this course should already have a basic shooting skill set. Individuals may attend open classes and teams of 8 or more may arrange a tailor made class that suits their operational requirements.

One of the more awesome aspects of military life is getting paid to do cool stuff. As a civilian, the tables are turned and you might have to pay to get your kicks. But get them, ye shall with these top-shelf tactical courses.
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Method of training: SFTG. Necessary equipment: All the equipment is provided by the SFTG weapon, ammunition, bulletproof vests, eyes and ears protection, and knee and elbow pads. The price includes: Weapon, ammunition, all gear holster, belt, ears and eyes protection and knee and elbow pads , certificate for trainees, T-shirt and a hat. The price also includes the accommodation and food three meals during the course, transportation from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the shooting ground and back. The trainee buys the return plane ticket himself, all other expenses are covered by the price. Who is the course for: The course is designed for active and former members of the police, army, security services, special forces, private military contractors, private security services and civilians.



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