Clausewitz war is politics by other means

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clausewitz war is politics by other means

Quote by Carl von Clausewitz: “War is merely the continuation of politics by o...”

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Crimson Tide 1995 "The true enemy is war itself"

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Politics as Continuation of War by Other Means?

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Alternative, predominantly diplomatic instruments of politics gradually relegated war to the footnotes of history — or, at the very least, it appeared to many that this was what was happening. It seems that this situation is beginning to change now.
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Bassford However, with sometimes-controversial theories on war, peace, and politics throughout Vom Kriege , Clausewitz provides a thoroughly unique perspective by which to interpret the world that is, arguably, still highly relevant in the 21 st century, over years since the conception of Vom Kriege. Carl von Clausewitz: a theorist of war itself. Elshtain In order to assess the way in which Clausewitz understands the relationship between war, peace, and politics in their entirety, it is first crucial to define war by Clausewitzian standards and to distinguish between absolute war and total war, as at least a vague understanding of each is certainly necessary in the interpretation of Vom Kriege. While politics is unquestionably linked to matters of both war and peace, it is imperative that each be understood individually before one can fully grasp the concepts that Clausewitz puts forth and assess the strengths and weaknesses in his arguments. Clausewitz Book I, Ch. I War is neither a scientific game nor an international sport; it is an act of violence, characterized by destruction.

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