Fred nolan curse of oak island

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fred nolan curse of oak island

Oak Island Gold by William Crooker

For over two centuries, the mysterious labyrinth of shafts and tunnels under Oak Island, a tiny island on Nova Scotias South Shore, has been the scene of a frantic search by scores of treasure hunters from two continents. They believe that the shafts and intricate man-made flooding system hold the secret to a treasure of untold wealth. Although millions have been spent, bitter feuds have erupted, and men have died, the treasure has remained as elusive as the answers to who built the labyrinth, why and how it was constructed, and the nature of the treasure itself. Until now.

In his second book on the Oak Island mystery, William Crooker meticulously sifts through the evidence unearthed by treasure hunters on the island, past and present. Then, armed with some starling new discoveries, he neatly fits the pieces together to offer a plausible solution to the baffling puzzle of Oak Island.
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The Curse of Oak Island: Oak Island Goes After Number 7 - History

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The premise of the show follows the exploration of a treasure said to be buried on Oak Island near Nova Scotia by two brothers Rick and Marty Lagina. As kids, they read an article in Readers Digest about the story of buried treasure and have been obsessed ever since. Marty is an engineer and owns his own engineering firm and Rick is a retired postal worker. The two have teamed up with local treasure hunter Dan Blankenship and a land surveyor named Fred Nolan both who have been searching for the treasure over 50 years. So, as we are setting a section corner for a boundary survey, or finding a property corner for someone to build a fence, or drilling for a well, or writing a Geotech report of a soil boring that was done so someone can build a house, or designing a parking lot or road.

Frederick G. He was predeceased by his parents Thomas J. Along with his brother, Richard, he established and operated Nolan Brothers Surveys. Notable among their earlier projects was the layout of the entire Westmount Subdivision at the site of the old Halifax airport at Chebucto Road. Another, of historical significance, was the site of the first Sobeys store in HRM.

Frederick G. Nolan July 5, — June 4, was a land surveyor as well as a known Oak Island treasure hunter.
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On Sunday 17 March , the world said goodbye to one of its most intrepid treasure hunters, Dan Blankenship. Described as a larger-than-life character and a one of a kind legend, Blankenship passed away peacefully of natural causes at the age of Blankenship dedicated more than 50 years of his life to uncovering the mysterious treasure that is supposedly buried on the small island in Nova Scotia. From that moment he was hooked. After reading that article, the U.

The following morning, Rick Lagina and Charles Barkhouse meet at the Money Pit area, where heavy equipment operators of Brycon Construction, a Nova Scotian contracting company, are levelling the Money Pit area for the Big Dig, and building an access road to the worksite. Fragments of timber previous Oak Island treasure hunters have unearthed on the island on display at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax. Image courtesy of Ryan Phillips. Shortly thereafter, Charles discovers a small flat stone, which he believes to be a piece of tile. Rick suggests that they ought to have a geologist take a look at the inscribed tile to determine whether it is natural or worked by man. Back in the War Room. He also explains that the metal in the southwest section of the swamp appears to be long and flat.

All were impressed by the visit and all came away with a greater appreciation of the enormity of the effort of discovery there that continues to this day. The tour was hosted by Charles Barkhouse, local historian and cast regular on the television program, The Curse of Oak Island. The TV show does not convey the wealth of knowledge and insight that Mr. Barkhouse has concerning the island and its history of discovery. The tour proceeded along a small dirt road, no different than any other such lane found anywhere in Nova Scotia.

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