Ally hilfiger lyme disease treatment

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ally hilfiger lyme disease treatment

Editions of College Algebra by Michael Sullivan

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Published 15.07.2019

Ally Hilfiger on Lyme Disease

Ally Hilfiger—whose life was ravaged by Lyme disease from childhood into adulthood—has tried essentially every possible treatment option and then some , from the conventional to the metaphysical, the curative to the supportive. Today, she helps others to navigate that same, difficult journey, and spreads awareness of this chronic condition, which has gone misunderstood far too long. Shifting my mental attitude was a great part of my recovery.
Michael Sullivan

Tommy Hilfiger's daughter describes battle with Lyme disease

After a tick bite at age seven, Ally Hilfiger started experiencing serious health issues, but her test for Lyme Disease was inconclusive. Here, she talks desperation, healing, and a will to change the world. Marie Claire: How is your health today? Are you cured? Ally Hilfiger : There's really no black-and-white answer to that.

Fashion heiress Ally Hilfiger has described the "excruciating" effects that the bacterial infection Lyme disease had on her after she contracted it at the age of seven. The year-old daughter of American designer Tommy Hilfiger said she was often left sitting in the bathtub for hours or walking with a cane. She also had flu-like symptoms and trouble sleeping. She went to several doctors, who diagnosed her with everything from arthritis to growing pains. Subsequent tests for Lyme disease came back with a "borderline positive," she said. Soaring numbers of people are suffering from the disease , spread to humans by infected ticks, according to new figures. The number of confirmed cases has quadrupled in just 12 years, NHS laboratory reports disclose, with more 1, people diagnosed in , the most recent year for which numbers are available.

Ally Hilfiger—whose life was ravaged by Lyme disease from childhood into adulthood—has tried essentially every possible treatment option (and then some) .
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Author, artist and designer Ally Hilfiger suffered though twelve years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease and Babesiosis caused by a tick bite she got when she was seven years old. She saw almost a dozen doctors who misdiagnosed her with everything from rheumatoid arthritis to MS. Ally spent years deteriorating until being committed to a psychiatric hospital at age nineteen. Here, Ally shares with us her harrowing and, ultimately, hopeful journey through Lyme madness and into the light of recovery. How are you feeling?



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