Dolch sight word list assessment

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dolch sight word list assessment

First 315 Sight Words - Assessment List (Dolch Words) Learn to Read & Spell (Childrens Learn To Read by C.F. Crist

Includes the first 315 sight words that children will often see to read and/or spell. Learning these sight words can help children become fluent readers as they should not need to use their phonics to decode these words that appear often in their reading.

40 Pre-Primer Words
52 Primer Words
41 1st Grade Words
46 2nd Grade Words
41 3rd Grade Words
95 Common Nouns
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Published 15.07.2019

First Grade DOLCH Assessment

Dolch Sight Words List

Dolch High-Frequency words represent words that make up between 50 and 75 percent of all print in English. These words are foundational for reading, and explicit teaching is essential since many of them are irregular, and cannot be decoded with regular rules of English phonics. Depending on your school districts policy perhaps, like Clark County, that has its own lists you will find that Dolch is generally considered the best set of high-frequency words. There is also the Fleish-Kincaid list, which is aligned to an evaluation form for those sight words. The first step teaches sight words to children with disabilities is to take a baseline of students' reading vocabulary.

Five techniques for teaching Dolch sight words. Learn proven ways to introduce words, reinforce learning, and correct mistakes. Print a set of Dolch sight word flash cards, or use our generator to create your own custom cards. Print cards and game boards for 18 Dolch sight word games. A fun way to reinforce sight words lessons! The Dolch Sight Words list is the most commonly used set of sight words.

Most of these words cannot be sounded out and students need to be taught to instantly recognize these words in order to be fluent readers. Because recognizing these words is so important during reading, it is important that we use a variety of activities to teach, practice and memorize sight words. It all begins with assessment.
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Dolch Sight Word List Activities

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  1. Give each child a copy of the Dolch Sight Word List for the level you are assessing. Highlight the words correct or circle the words that are incorrect. Calculate.

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