Quantum speed reading techniques pdf

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quantum speed reading techniques pdf

Yumiko Tobitani (Author of Quantum Speed Reading)

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If yes, then this is the most appropriate place to be in. This course is the course of three months. As we all know that reading engages the eyes, ears, mouth, and brain.
Yumiko Tobitani

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She was a teacher at the Shichida Academy in Japan and discovered this ability by accident when she asked the children in her class to quickly flip through books like fanning the pages of a book so you aren't really opening the book up fully. One child reported that words and pictures came out of the book and he understood the whole story. Then she got the children to do the activity with English books the children cannot read English and they are in Grade 2 if I remember correctly and another child "read" the story of The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway. He had never before heard of the story and the book he flipped through had no pictures. From there, she continued to do other activities with the children and discovered that the children could absorb information from the books through wave energy emitted from the books the theory behind is it based on Quantum Mechanics - how everything is made up of particles and waves which is why we are all connected or something to that effect.

She discovered Quantum Speed Reading by accident. During one of her classes, she gave the children an exercise to do. They were to flip through a book quickly and slowly thirty times. After a while, the children returned to their seats. All, except one child. Yumiko let the child continue flipping through the books. Yumiko, who was careful never to dismiss what the children say, asked him to elaborate.


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Our Courses. Privacy Policy. As we all know that reading engages the eyes, ears, mouth, and brain. Anyhow, speed perusing connects with these faculties considerably more than typical purusing on the grounds that you utilize your faculties and mental aptitude much all the more effectively. Quantum Speed Reading QSR engages the mind, eyes, mouth and ears, which together determines the speed.

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  1. Article (PDF Available) in World Journal of Pharmaceutical Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books.

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