Best plays to read in high school

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best plays to read in high school

Drama and Theatre - Choosing Plays for a High School Theatre Program Showing 1-18 of 18

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Published 13.07.2019

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The 7 Best Plays for High Schools

When it comes to theatre, some will normally watch the performance on stage, if that. Are You in LA? How to Become an Actor in Hollywood. Nobel Prize-winning English playwright Harold Pinter wrote the famous play Betrayal in , and since then, dramatic critics have considered this to be his most important work. What actors can learn from this is how to find most efficient, clear and effective ways to deliver the idea to the audience and communicate whatever is going on in the scene. Named as a comedy by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard is his last and one of the most famous plays, which first opened in in Moscow. However, due to lack of farce in the material, Konstantin Stanislavski directed it as a tragedy.

Do you like dark comedies? Think about the darkest comedy you know, and then multiply it by roughly a zillion and you get The Pillowman. The play is about a short story writer who's being interrogated by two policemen about the short stories he's written, all of which involve gruesome acts and children. What it's really about, though, is storytelling, and every character in the play is a storyteller of some kind. How it will change you: This play will give you a deeper understanding of how storytelling is powerful and part of everyone's lives. While seeing the play is something all on its own, reading A Raisin In The Sun — the stage directions are almost like a novelization — really paints a picture of what loving someone means. This play is about family, race, and what's really worth fighting for.

Hundreds of Plays & Musicals For Student Actors

Jen may have lost her election for student council president, but with a little help from Julius Caesar, she can always overthrow the school government instead Pulling off a heist is pretty tough. But that's nothing compared to pulling off an unauthorized adaptation of a popular heist movie onstage In a series of connected scenes and monologues that occur before, during, and after a terrifying cycle of mass shootings, young people of all stripes piece together what is happening and why. The town of Holly Springs has terrible roads, and the citizens are counting on the money raised from this year's talent show to fix them.

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