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get ready to read pearson

How to Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Pearson

A little boy explains to Mama Slug how to teach Little Slug to read. Here are a few of his reading rules: Attach labels to Little Slug’s favorite things; Read out loud to him; Point out words that repeat; Sound out words; Make a vocabulary list; Be patient! And, of course, it helps if Little Slug can see the book, so prop it up and set him on a rock! David Slonim’s hilarious acrylic and charcoal illustrations and Susan Pearson’s witty text show that reading can be fun!
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Published 13.07.2019

Ready to Read

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Susan Pearson

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Pearson has announced the launch of Get Ready to Read! Developed by Grover Whitehurst, Ph. Get Ready to Read! The screening tool's 25 questions help identify what step, on a four-step continuum, a child has reached on the path to becoming a successful reader. The visual and auditory questions allow young learners to demonstrate their skills in print and book knowledge; phonological awareness; and phonics. The screening includes stimulus pictures included for both English- and Spanish-speaking children that come in a single presentation easel, designed to be durable under hard use in a preschool classroom. In addition, new items to the screening tool will help preschool educators and clinicians identify high-achieving children.

What's New. Online Resources. Please contact elt. This program actively involves students with its step-by-step progression through the skills and strategies that promote reading competency. Sharpen Your Reading Skills - Guides students in skills such as identifying main ideas, previewing and predicting, recognizing sequences and making inferences Be an Active Reader - Encourages students to practice and apply newly learned skills with high-interest reading selections Sharpen Your Vocabulary Skills - Gives students practice with word parts, synonyms and antonyms, idioms, compound words, dictionary use and word maps.

To learn more about the new Get Ready to Read! You can also order it by phone: Online Games More Early Literacy Webinars More Get Ready to Read! Literacy Checklists More Tips for Parents of Preschoolers More

Assess early literacy skills in children as young as three years old more easily and effectively with Get Ready to Read! Revised. Get it from Pearson now.
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Get Ready to Read

Get Ready To Read

Get Ready to Read! Revised offers a brief, economical screening tool to help you evaluate a child's readiness for learning how to read and write. Specifi cally designed for preschoolers, this practical instrument also gives you activities to develop young children's literacy skills. Test results identify what step on a fi ve-step continuum the child has reached on the path to reading. The question assessment incorporates visual and auditory items that allow children to demonstrate their skills in:. To provide you with the best possible service and to support your assessment strategy, we have aligned our qualified and knowledgeable Assessment Consultants to meet your needs in your professional area of practice.



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