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Law of the Lycans Series by Nicky Charles

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Published 10.07.2019

Mating :The Original Law of the Lycans Story Audiobook by Nicky Charles

Law of the Lycans Series

This is simple blog about the books I read. It will help me to keep a track on the books I read, and to others it will help to know about books. I wanted to read this book very badly, so read it in office as well pretending to work. Bonded starts with some characters who never appeared in previous books. But once you start reading you know where its going and how its linked. Even though they end up having sex only twice, what is that bond between them which drives them always closer? Brandi remembers nothing about bonding, but how it had happen?

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She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done.

Chapter 1 The air felt cool and damp against her face as she moved through the trees, the greyish-brown trunks rising high on either side of her. Pine needles littered the forest floor, deadening the sound of her feet as she padded along. Twice she stopped and searched the shadowy depths of the forest, before lifting her muzzle and sniffing, nostrils flaring as she took in the myriad of scents that drifted by on the slight breeze. Suddenly, instinct had her hackles rising. Another presence was nearby. Cocking her ears, Cassie searched for a sign of the other one.

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