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evil within 2 tv tropes

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Published 01.07.2019

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Unlike the last game, Shinji Mikami is not directing the game, instead acting as a producer with the helm being given to John Johanas, who worked on the Kidman DLC for the first game.

Stefano Valentino

The Protagonist of The Evil Within, Sebastian Castellanos is a decorated detective in the Krimson City Police Department who was called in to investigate a case of 'multiple murders' at the Beacon Mental Hospital, only to find himself and his partners abducted and stranded inside a hellish nightmare-world. Strong willed and tough, there's little that can phase him. Detective Myra Hanson was the former partner and estranged wife of Sebastian Castellanos, her superior officer whom she met at work. Despite Myra's stern professionalism, she and Sebastian quickly bonded and the duo worked together as an effective team. Their relationship quickly developed into marriage, the result of which was their daughter, Lily Castellanos, who allegedly died in a tragic housefire when she was five. Myra was convinced that their daughter did not die that day, however, and the fire was staged in order for an unknown party to abduct her.

While the two symbols that manifest in the series have their difference, Sebastian recognized the symbol in the second game, so clearly it holds some level of significance. While it bears no resemblance to MOBIUS's symbol, it clearly holds some level of significance to both them and Ruvik, some fans speculating that is a variation of the Beacon Mental Hospital symbol. The first game's STEM system manifests with Ruvik's mind as a base, the prototype built on his memories and his whims. Let's face it, the lack of any frequent references or mentions of Ruvik during the story borders on the deliberate. And while that could be attributed to the developers wanting the second game to be as self-contained as possible, from a story perspective it simply doesn't make sense.

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Krimson City Police

The game is said to be an attempt to return to Survival Horror. The story is about a detective, Sebastian Castellanos , who is beginning an investigation of a mass homicide in Beacon Mental Hospital with his partners, Joseph Oda and Juli "Kid" Kidman. After a short venture into the building, the trio view a man on a security tape moving at insane speeds, and are drawn into a reality-altering nightmare. The final DLC is considered non-canon, but the first two are a genuine expansion on the story. A sequel, The Evil Within 2 , was released on October 13th, Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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  1. A page for describing Characters: Evil Within 2. As some of these characters are returning from The Evil Within, expect unmarked Late Arrival Spoilers!.

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