Ideals are peaceful history is violent quote origin

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ideals are peaceful history is violent quote origin

Robert F. Kennedy Quotes (Author of Thirteen Days)

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Fury Movie CLIP - Bible Verse (2014) - Shia LaBeouf, Brad Pitt Movie HD

'Ideals are peaceful, history is violent' - that was Brad Pitt's ad lib

April, As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened Army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered, out-gunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany. Some people loved it and some people hated it — here some quotes from the film! Wardaddy: Ideals are peaceful. History is violent. And… I said: Here am I , send me!

Good war movies are hard to come by these days. So many films have already explored fascinating plots and themes within the genre, not leaving much room for originality and flare. So why did this happen? Ultimately, he concludes that comrades accept their violent roles because they all bear the same moral burden of war and can only survive by relying and trusting each other. But in this day and age, now that original war plots and twists have arguably dried up, movies have to have a developed script to back those ideas up and to be able to say unoriginal things in a fresh, new way. Instead, it relies on scattered, trailer-friendly one-liners that lack any development but draw in the crowds.

At some point in your prepping journey you will need to think about Security and for many of us, these are the first thoughts that trigger an initial investigation into the world of prepping. Security in the context of prepping , from my stand-point encompasses your safety in a possibly unsafe world. Security is a broad topic that covers a lot of territory and seems to work itself into most aspects of life in one form or other in the grid-down hypothetical context and there is no shortage of debate when you start digging into the details, opinions and recommendations. Security from the standpoint of your home deals with keeping you safe from people trying to get into your home. Security in a bug out scenario usually gets into threats from those who might try to harm you when you are out of the relative safety of any structure. Security is almost always focused on the threat of humans to your safety, but there are those who downplay any threat at all or who recommend a different tactic of running away as a solution.

Brad Pitt, the actor, is not usually the person to use a quote from, ha, but in the The statement was “Ideals are peaceful but history is violent.”.
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Suddenly, from behind a tank, a US soldier jumps on the officer, kills him and frees the horse. The US soldier casually gets back into his tank and heads off to base camp with his crew. The Americans ground war is heavily reliant on the armour and fire power of Sherman tanks. From within the armoured exterior of the tanks, Ayer's film provides a wartime view from within the heart of the tank. Showing the war from inside the tank and how the men contend with the fear of the potential coffin the tank can become and the challenges of close quarters of five crew men. The battle-hardened crew is led by army sergeant, Wardaddy Brad Pitt. They have fought together for the many years and have fought the Nazis in Africa and Europe.

Once they thought about the quote, they left it in the movie because it was a very true statement. If you just take a walk through history you will know that this is true. Ideology is usually said when the person saying it is safe, warm and secure and it is usually their ideology that they want to impose on the other party. As I went about my life this past weekend I was reminded of what a price our fathers and grandfathers and their fathers before them paid so we could be safe and live our lives as we decide. Yesterday in Sunday school there was a question if we had ever been persecuted for our faith or not. The answer is that no one in that room has ever been persecuted. You may have had your feelings hurt over faith but nothing that would approach persecution.

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  1. The violent in that line pretty much sums up the tone of this unforgiving film, but also the MO of its hard-edged director, David Ayer.

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