Good idols to look up to

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good idols to look up to

Twilight of the Idols Quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche

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VAV Names The Idols They Look Up To + Their Strengths As A Group

His immense talents have inspired these 15 idols, and they have stated that V is their role model. Beomgyu , who is from the same company as BTS and V, has been vocal about his love for his sunbaes, especially V. In an interview with W Korea , he calls V his biggest inspiration, saying that V would give him important advice as a trainee. He has explained that it is because he is a sunbae who looks good on stage, and he wishes to be just like that when he performs. His phone background also happens to be of the BTS member!

As college students, we are always looking for inspiration. Because they are in the public eye constantly, we cannot escape celebrities. Here are some celebrities that we should take personal note of. Adele This pop star was a household name both in England and the states by the time she was She is someone that is so successful and whose career will only go up from here. She's funny and her laugh is one loved by millions. She is such an inspiration to anyone who wants to be successful in the music industry and anyone who wants to be successful at all.

Jan 10, - 15 comments. We conducted a survey to find out who parents think are the best and worst celebrity role models for our children today. The toughest part about being in Hollywood is that you are judged by your actions in front of a camera, not always what you do in your free time. Reason being … your children will not take the time to research and find out that Celebrity X spent weeks feeding people at a homeless shelter. Celebrities are judged by the public on how they portray themselves to us. Therefore, our children see them in the same light. It is our job to teach them what actions we feel are appropriate or inappropriate within our own families and why.

8 Female Role Models Everyone Should Look Up To

Always professional,But Idols still couldn't prevent these awkward situations among each other

There are tons of different people to look up to, people that inspire you and people that will constantly influence your life. For me, these are 7 people to look up to that have been a huge inspiration in my life. While my inspirational people might be different from yours, take a look at mine and share yours in the comments! I'd love to know who and why the people you look up to are inspirational to you! One of the best people to look up to and one of the most inspirational people to me is Rosa Parks. I am huge on rights and equality, especially since I am gay and I can't imagine what this woman went through on December 1st, She stood her ground, though, and that is one of the reasons why I look up to her — because I always want to stand my ground.

In fact, you could add several more eights to the title and it still would be easy to find people to add. Did you know that despite the fact that the Dalai Lama having been exiled from his homeland, that the Chinese are trying to choose who gets to be the next in line and that the future of both Tibet and his religion are in doubt he continues to preach peace and tolerance? He truly practices what he preaches! He left what was the equivalent of high school during his youth early, failed an entry exam into the Swiss Federal Polytechnic at 16 though contrary to what people may believe he did very well in math and worked in a patent office until he was Then he went on to change the field of physics for ever after. Some of us are simply late bloomers. Instead get up, stop procrastinating and make something of your life!

Jump to navigation. Here are the male celebrities that have influenced our cadets in positive ways. My all-time role model would probably be the musician Tyler, The Creator. His songs are what started for my love of hip hop and its culture, and I also find his fashion sense and zany personality inspiring as well. He opened up about his depression last year, in a video called Daniel and Depression.

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