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she who is elizabeth johnson pdf

Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology by Elizabeth A. Johnson

Short and concise, this book goes through Christology, its history, critical issues, and contemporary contributions in a succinct and enjoyable way.

Her chapter on how Christology from above and from below both show a Christology focused on Jesus was really good. For saying something in a very short space, I thought that little discussion really did something substantive.

Johnsons chapter on feminist Christology was excellent. Thoroughly grounded in biblical reflection, she presents an argument for Jesus and the New Testaments view of women that was really good. This is probably one of those things where since she is Catholic, and Catholics are highly against women leaders, she is therefore a feminist. This chapter in my opinion was just plain old biblical.

Great book for lay people in theology to think about issues without getting bogged down in massive monographs.
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Sister Elizabeth Johnson on the Connection of Eco-Justice and Spirituality

Elizabeth Johnson (theologian)

On different continents, under pressure from historical events and social conditions, people of faith have glimpsed the living God in fresh ways. It is not that a wholly different God is discovered from the One believed in by previous generations. Christian faith does not believe in a new God but, finding itself in new situations, seeks the presence of God there. Aspects long-forgotten are brought into new relationships with current events, and the depths of divine compassion are appreciated in ways not previously imagined. The first chapter describes Johnson's point of departure and the rules of engagement, with each succeeding chapter distilling a discrete idea of God. Featured are transcendental, political, liberation, feminist, black, Hispanic, interreligious, and ecological theologies, ending with the particular Christian idea of the one God as Trinity.

Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. This chapter presents the life and work of Elizabeth A. Johnson, an eminent Roman Catholic theologian and church worker. As such, biography and theology are for her intertwined. Johnson is a prolific writer and has produced numerous essays and articles.

Johnson New York: Crossroad, Reviewed by Elizabeth T. Knuth, April One indication that a movement or philosophy has come of age is that its adherents no longer feel compelled to justify their existence, to ask for permission to be who they are and think as they do, to beg for acceptance on their opponents' terms. Another sign of maturity is to move from a concentration on limited special cases to a systemic analysis, along with a willingness for serious engagement with opponents. The first of these shifts can be seen, for example, in the gay and lesbian rights movement. At one time, gay rights demonstrators chanted, "Two, four, six, eight, gay is just as good as straight.

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Elizabeth A. Johnson born December 7, [1] is a Roman Catholic feminist theologian. Joseph of Brentwood. The National Catholic Reporter has called Johnson "one of the country's most prominent and respected theologians. In , she became the first woman to earn a Ph. Johnson recalls that her experience there was "rich, respectful, and collegial," but was also "lacking in female presence. There were none to be had.

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