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up in michigan hemingway full text

Up In Michigan by Ernest Hemingway

Not Sexist

This story is about an older guy who mistreats and takes a young gal for granted. The guy is a pig and that is Hemingways point just like it is in his similar and equally brutal Hills Like White Elephants. Some reviewers mistake this description of sexist behavior as approval of sexist behavior. It is quite the opposite. Hemingway exposes callous exploitation for what it is--in this case a jerk grabbing sex off a naive girl he doesnt care about.
Hemingway is often accused of misogyny, but I have come to think he has gotten a bad rap. Stories like this leave a bad taste in ones mouth. Why? Because they demonstrate and in their own subtle way condemn casual cruelty.
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Up In Michigan

Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway Summary and Analysis of "Up in Michigan"

In Up in Michigan by Ernest Hemingway we have the theme of independence, connection, innocence, gender roles, experience, obsession, disillusion and awareness. Taken from his The Complete Short Stories collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the story the reader realises that Hemingway, through his use of the setting of the story, may be exploring the theme of independence and gender roles and the possible incompatibility that may exist between the two main characters in the story, Jim Gilmore and Liz Coates. He also likes to drink with his friends preferring their company over female companionship. There is also a sense that Jim lives his life as he sees fit without any restrictions, doing as he would like to do. If anything he is his own boss, independent of others with a responsibility only to himself. The man living his life outdoors and hunting and being self-reliant while the woman remains rooted to the kitchen, in essence as a potential homemaker or subservient to the man. He describes Jim as being short and dark.

Jim Gilmore came to Hortons Bay from Canada. He bought the blacksmith shop from old man Horton. Jim was short and dark with big mustaches and big hands. He was a good horseshoer and did not look much like a blacksmith even with his leather apron on. He lived upstairs above the blacksmith shop and took his meals at A. Liz Coates worked for Smith's.

Many of his works are regarded as American classics, and some have subsequently been made into motion pictures. A review of Hemingway reveals many interesting points about his life, about the influences upon his works, and of the the themes and styles. Throughout the Nick Adams and other stories featuring dominant male figures, Ernest Hemingway teases the reader by drawing biographical parallels to his own life. That is, he uses characters such as Nick Adams throughout many of his literary works in order to play off of his own strengths as well as weaknesses: Nick, like Hemingway, is perceptive and bright but also insecure. Ernest Hemingway was one of the greatest authors of the twentieth century. His simple style, lucid depictions, and relatable narratives propelled him into a world of literary fame. These unique attributes are inimitable; Hemingway relates to the reader on a deeper level that even the best imitators cannot achieve.

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The countryside round about the town is farming and timber country and catches breezes from Lake Michigan. Jim Gilmore , originally from Canada, is the town blacksmith, does a good job, and takes his meals at D. Liz and Mrs. Smith see Jim, D. Smith, and Charley Wyman off on a fall deer-hunting trip. The women were cooking for four days beforehand and although Liz wanted to make something special for Jim, she was too embarrassed to attempt it. Dinner passes without incident, and Mr.


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  1. Three Stories and Ten Poems/Up in Michigan by Ernest Hemingway Up the road a ways was the Methodist church and down the road the other direction was the township . Text is available under the Creative Commons.

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