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georgiana duchess of devonshire movie

Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman

The winner of Britains prestigious Whitbread Prize and a bestseller there for months, this wonderfully readable biography offers a rich, rollicking picture of late-eighteenth-century British aristocracy and the intimate story of a woman who for a time was its undisputed leader.

Lady Georgiana Spencer was the great-great-great-great-aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales, and was nearly as famous in her day. In 1774, at the age of seventeen, Georgiana achieved immediate celebrity by marrying one of Englands richest and most influential aristocrats, the Duke of Devonshire. Launched into a world of wealth and power, she quickly became the queen of fashionable society, adored by the Prince of Wales, a dear friend of Marie-Antoinette, and leader of the most important salon of her time. Not content with the role of society hostess, she used her connections to enter politics, eventually becoming more influential than most of the men who held office.

Her good works and social exploits made her loved by the multitudes, but Georgianas public success, like Dianas, concealed a personal life that was fraught with suffering. The Duke of Devonshire was unimpressed by his wifes legendary charms, preferring instead those of her closest friend, a woman with whom Georgiana herself was rumored to be on intimate terms. For over twenty years, the three lived together in a jealous and uneasy ménage à trois, during which time both women bore the Dukes children—as well as those of other men.

Foremans descriptions of Georgianas uncontrollable gambling, all-night drinking, drug taking, and love affairs with the leading politicians of the day give us fascinating insight into the lives of the British aristocracy in the era of the madness of King George III, the American and French revolutions, and the defeat of Napoleon.

A gifted young historian whom critics are already likening to Antonia Fraser, Amanda Foreman draws on a wealth of fresh research and writes colorfully and penetratingly about the fascinating Georgiana, whose struggle against her own weaknesses, whose great beauty and flamboyance, and whose determination to play a part in the affairs of the world make her a vibrant, astonishingly contemporary figure.

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The Duchess (8/9) Movie CLIP - Her Name Is Eliza (2008) HD

Keira Knightley has garnered considerable attention for her performances in period pieces both serious— Pride and Prejudice , Silk , Atonement, Anna Karenina , The Imitation Game —and more action-oriented— King Arthur, the various Pirates of the Caribbean films. One of her more notable roles was Georgiana Cavendish, the 18 th century Duchess of Devonshire, in The Duchess , dir. Saul Dibb.
Amanda Foreman

Georgiana and Her Dull, Dallying Duke

I should have known better than to have trusted a historical biopic. I really should know better by now. She used her charm and social connections to assist with political campaigns while influencing the fashion of the day. She was The It Girl of the day. She was even friends with Marie Antoinette. Her husband was a bit distant and their marriage was never great.

Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire was an English socialite, political organizer, style icon, author, and activist.
dealing with an unhappy marriage

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Based on a true story, as they say in the movies, the tale traces the cosseted, tightly corseted lateth-century life of Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire, one of those gilded-cage aristocrats who appear to have been primed, pumped and exclusively prized for the fecundity of their wombs. If the name of another suffering Spencer guess! Born in , Georgiana went from scampering merrily across the emerald expanse of the family estate under the pitiless gaze of her mother Charlotte Rampling to trembling under the unloving touch of the Duke of Devonshire Mr. Fiennes, very fine. A cold if brilliant catch, the duke took his teenage bride expecting she would instantly bear him a male heir.

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