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Just a Donkey Like You and Me (Ariol #1) by Emmanuel Guibert

This book is Volume 1 of the Ariol graphic novel - well, maybe this is a kids comic book rather than a graphic novel - series of graphic novels. Like the later volume of Ariol I previously read, I found this first volume surprisingly pleasant and enjoyable, with interesting nuanced characterizations of the protagonists classmates, his family, their interactions and so forth.

Ariol, possibly a middle-school student, has fantasies - like all of us, especially when we were kids: He identifies with a super-hero - Thunder Horse - yet he is (still) only a small blue donkey. He would rather be a powerful hero - the wish to be powerful absorbs his fantasy- or dream-world. Also, he has fallen in love with a classmate - Petula, a heifer. Meanwhile, a fly, meaning actual fly as in insect fly, class-mate, Bizbilla, pines for him. He has to contrive chance meetings with Petula, but every time he does have a chance to tell he he loves her and wants to marry her, he loses his nerve. And so Ariols pining for Petula mirrors Bizbillas pining for Ariol. At least Bizbilla tells Ariol she cares for him, whereas Ariol cannot bring himself to say to Petula he loves her. Aside from his obsessions with Thunder Horse and Petula, hes an ordinary mischievous little donkey, participating in the usual pranks and mischief, especially schemes he thinks up with his best friend, Ramono the pig.

This volume consists of series of standalone chapters, Im not sure if they are supposed to represent a sequential arc or time span in Ariols life, more like snapshots of life for Ariol, at home, at school, going to the movies, a field trip to a pool with his gym class - which are all quite funny, many times wryly funny, other times perhaps crudely funny, the sort of humor an adolescent might enjoy. I love the characterizations of Ariols parents - who are ultra concerned and nurturing of their son, but also on occasion exasperated (the dad) although mostly supportive (the mom). The teachers in school are portrayed from a kids-eye view - somewhat mockingly, although the English teacher is given a fairly positive treatment despite the complicated stories he invents to teach grammar.

The entire series, originally from France, likely is a joy to read - this book was certainly a breeze to read. What will happen with Ariol and Petula? And Bizbilla and Ariol.. will Ariol ever consider her as a possible girlfriend, or continue to reject her because of her hairiness, tininess.

Its strange but Ariols world seems very similar to my world as a grade school pupil. Starting from kindergarten, I too wanted to be the dominant kid in class - and started from day 1 in a rivalry with a flouncy, blonde little girl named Linda, who resembled a sleepy-eyed much younger female version of Bing Crosby. Starting in kindergarten, I too pined for a little boy who I only stared at but was too shy to talk to - a little blonde boy with an enigmatic smile named Jonathan, who was an outsider because he was from a poor family that lived in a ramshackle house, and always wore ill-fitting, frayed white shirts. The entire time I was a classmate of his, I was never able to talk to him, but he remained an obsession for me in grade school, until he was supplanted by a new obsession when I moved on to JHS, a boy who I was also never able to talk to and also silently admired or pined for from afar. This entire pattern of shyness combined with an obsession or fixation on one boy, usually an enigmatic outsider, continued through HS - I was never able to speak with the object of my affection the entire time I was in elementary and secondary school, approximately 12 years. I was too shy to speak to boys - but would discuss boys I was interested in with girlfriends. Of course, none of this interfered with school work, or playing with the kids on my block and so forth. I was simply an introvert - living my life in books, and as a kid, incessantly drawing, writing stories and poems, and so forth.

But, back to Ariol: I would recommend this book to all readers, kids, teens, adults. Its a breeze to sail through and filled with laughs, archetypal situations you will recognize and laugh at, or along with. Its simply written, and the simple/cool drawings of the characters convey enough to communicate non-verbal cues, clues to meaning etc. Theres a pleasant color palette and kid characters, that is, Ariol and his friends, often stand out since theyre usually colorfully dressed.

Since all the characters in the book are humans with animal heads - ranging from birds, to ducks, to dogs, to cats, to pigs, donkeys, ants, and so forth -what will the authors do if/when it comes time to portraying a pet? If the main characters are animal-headed humans, will the pets be human-headed animals?
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Donkey Girl

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Emmanuel Guibert

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