Movie report to the commissioner

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movie report to the commissioner

Report to the Commissioner by James Mills

Very hurried notes . . .

A book Ive been meaning to read for decades, and one that didnt disappoint.

Told in documentary form -- interview transcripts, completed PD forms, etc. -- this tells of how a young NYPD detective, Lockley, following the instructions of superiors whod underestimated his abilities, inadvertently tracked and shot an undercover Narcotics Bureau operative, then pursued the pusher shed been spying on until both men were trapped in a sort of Mexican standoff in a Saks Fifth Avenue elevator; then of the siege and the efforts of some of Lockleys bosses to foist all the blame for the fiasco onto him.

The first half is setup, and is fascinating for the verisimilitude; the second becomes a true suspenser.

The format is of course reminiscent of Ed McBains 87th Precinct novels, albeit without the straightforward narrative that obviously forms the bulk of those books. (And without the humour.) McBain was obviously well aware of the echo: in his late novel Fat Ollies Book, the book in question, Fat Ollies dire attempt at a novel, is called Report to the Commissioner, and the boys n gals of the old Eight Seven joke about how Ollies too unread to realize that a book of that title already exists.

Anyway: A gap in my reading filled to very satisfying effect.
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The King & Commissioner Hindi Dubbed Full Movie - Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Saikumar

The kid is probably so disturbed he shouldn't have been allowed onto the force in the first place. He's torn by great rages and sometimes almost guns people down in sheer desperation. We aren't sure how he passed the entrance exam at the police academy -- but then, if he hadn't, we wouldn't have "Report to the Commissioner.
James Mills

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Report to the Commissioner is a crime drama film based on James Mills ' novel. It involves a rookie cop Michael Moriarty in the New York City Police Department who is assigned a special missing person case, which in fact is meant to be a wild-goose chase to back up an undercover female police officer's role as the girlfriend of a drug dealer. The film was directed by Milton Katselas and features a musical score by Elmer Bernstein. It marked Richard Gere 's film debut. Detective Beauregard "Bo" Lockley Michael Moriarty is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a young Patricia "Pat" Butler Susan Blakely , not knowing she is also an undercover policewoman.

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Strike Force (1975) - Richard Gere, Cliff Gorman, Don Blakely - Feature (Crime, Drama, Thriller)

Police officer Patty Butler, alias "Chicklet," is the live-in girlfriend of Thomas 'Stick' Henderson to gather evidence. Detective Bo Lockley is instructed to try to find her, not knowing she's also a cop. When I found out about this movie and saw that dream-cast and the fact it was set in 70's NYC, I told myself I needed to acquire, and watch it as soon as possible. It is a tense, angry ball of sweat that ends up imploding due to its despair-inducing environment, and Moriarty is as good as he'll ever be and it boggles the mind that he didn't become one of the biggest actors around. Bonus six degrees of separation well, maybe not six : I like to imagine Bob Balaban's Russell Dalrymple literally washed up and started living on the streets, meanwhile Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character in Troll is basically Elaine after she got out of jail spoilers for Seinfeld? Syeah right. NYC 70's cop film.

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