Sweet sixteen 2016 film full movie

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sweet sixteen 2016 film full movie

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Sweet Sixteen (Felices Dieciséis, 2002) [VOSE]

Sweet Sixteen

Xiao Tian and Shu Yawang are close childhood friends. As a high school student, Yawang is asked by her father to tutor Xia Mu, a boy several years younger than her with a traumatizing past who is taken in by her family. Although Yawang comes to see Xia Mu as a younger brother, Xia Mu, who grows into a quiet and brooding teenager, develops feelings for Yawang. Tian enrols in a military academy and Yawang goes to college, and they eventually get engaged. Yawang graduates and starts working for a landscape development company, but becomes the target of unwanted romantic attention from Qu Weiran, the boss of a company that has connections to Yawang's employer. Xia Mu confesses his feelings for Yawang; she replies that she will always be there for him as his older sister, but her heart belongs to Tian. After a company event, Yawang is drugged and raped by Weiran.

Korean movies I've seen Kris Wu in Xia You Qiao Mu () Xia You Qiao Mu ( ) Kris Wu and Shan . An assistant director and film fan gets his wish come true when his favourite heroine, a princess from an old film, appears in the real world. See full technical specs» . Sweet Sixteen ()|Sweet Sixteen ().
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Director: Jo Jin-kyu. Love, sacrifice, and vengeance fuel this heart-wrenching coming-of-age drama starring Chinese pop sensation, Kris Wu., Sign in.

Watch ' Sweet Sixteen ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Who will she choose: the man who has always loved her, the man who hurts her, or the man who will do anything for her? Although Ya Wang grows fond of Xia Mu like a younger brother, Xia Mu develops romantic feelings for her as he grows older. After finishing college, Ya Wang and Xiao Tian become engaged, and Ya Wang goes to work for a landscape development company. When Wei Ran drugs and assaults Ya Wang after a company event, will an angry Xia Mu throw his life away to protect her? Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Click here to learn more.

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