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if you were me movie

When You Were Me by Robert Rodi

In his long-awaited new novel, master satirist Rodi, author of Fag Hag, Drag Queen, and Kept Boy, crafts a compelling and witty romp that adds new meaning to the adage, Be careful what you wish for.

All work and no play have made Jack Ackerly a dull boy. Its also made him very rich. Now, at age 53, he regrets devoting his youth to capitalism over hedonism. Alas he cant turn back time;but according to a self-styled fusion witch named Francesca, he can trade places with a willing participant. He just has to find a hot young stud ready to make the switch. Enter Corey Szaslo, 26, a jaded party boy whose life of sex, drugs, and barhopping has left him with no education, no career, no assets, and no prospects. Jumping into the skin of a retired millionaire seems a fair way out of this predicament, even if it means doubling his age and adding five inches to his waistline.

Faster than you can say, Be careful what you wish for, Jack and Corey are living each others lives to the fullest. But their successfully swapped lives soon begin to come apart at the seams. And when Jacks former lover comes back, begging Jack for another chance, all bets are off, driving both Jack and Corey into unsuspecting competition--and resulting in a climax that takes each of them farther beyond their essential selves than they ever dreamed theyd go.
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Sound City Players - If I Were Me

If You Were Me

Anthology film of six shorts by leading Korean directors. Park Chan-Wook, tackles racial prejudice and the economic exploitation of immigrant workers through the real-life story of a Nepalese woman in Korea. Jeong Jae-Eun, tackles the plight of a paedophile released into the community. Im Soon-Rye, goes for the engrained sexism of Korean men with superb wit and, Park Jin-Pyo, confronts the horror of children forced into oral surgery to improve their English-speaking ability. To review this, I'll go segment by segment. It's entirely unsubtle, but at the same time damning.

If You Were Me 2 (); If You Were Me 3 (); If You Were Me 4 (); If You Were Me 5 (); If You Were Me 6 ().
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Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. A gangster in Busan is caught having an affair with his boss's mistress. The two decide to run off with the organizations money, leading to dire circumstances.

A government body tasked with promoting human rights in Korea in accordance with the principles set forth by the UN General Assembly, they can probably list many things that they have accomplished. But for me, one of the most visible accomplishments is the funding of eight film projects, including the omnibus films entitled If You Were Me. Korean film utterly dominated the local box office. And then there was the record-breaking box-office local smash of Silmido , which did almost double the business of its closest rival, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King , by the time it finished its run. Perhaps it was because of the building momentum of Korean cinema that the Commission decided to use the cinema as a means of creating awareness for human rights issues in Korea. They picked six directors, each of notable repute in Korean cinema, to make six short films dealing with issues of their choosing.

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