The mountain that loved a bird pdf

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the mountain that loved a bird pdf

The Mountain That Loved a Bird by Alice McLerran

While not specifically pagan, I found the book with its profound message and natural landscape to be a perfect addition to my sons spiritual library. On the surface, it is the story of a bird whose yearly visits cheer a lonely, lifeless rock of a mountain and the slow and subtle changes that allow that mountain to become a suitable home and haven for more than just that bird.

Underneath, however, are powerful lessons of love and hope, determination and stamina, friendship and charity.

I think the story will be a great way to showcase the impact of small bits of charity, for example, as the mountains painful loneliness was broken up by a few hours of time each year as a caring friend came to visit. It also works beautifully to teach a sort of never give up! attitude as both the birds (who spent years and years working to create a haven in the mountain) and the mountain (who worried things would never change and that hed always be alone) achieved great things through patience and constancy.

Great book, great messages all.
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The Mountain that Loved a Bird

I have told it numerous times and invariably listeners find themselves enraptured. It is the tale of a mountain made of bare stone. No rivers or streams flow from it. No plants or animals have ever touched its surface, until one day a small bird stops to rest on its side. The mountain has never known anything like this bird and desperately wants it to stay, which of course it cannot.

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Subscribe in a reader. Art, we have read this book too and enjoyed it. A beautiful idea well presented. I did not know there was an international edition with Eric Carle! Japan is the latest to dramtise this book I understand- it must be wonderful their take on the story This is so soul stirring and touching. I hope I find the Eric Carle version here.

Please Note: this material was created for use in a classroom, but can be easily modified for homeschooling use. To buy this book, click here or on the book cover. The Official Website of Eric Carle Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate This website features upcoming events, an Eric Carle picture book museum, personal information about this award-winning author and illustrator, and more. Science is Fun! Swallows Return to Capistrano.

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