My world is falling apart

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my world is falling apart

Forever Quotes (645 quotes)

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Published 25.04.2019

John Maus - My Whole World's Coming Apart

When all is stripped away from the identity that is “you,” the realization may hit that what you refer to as my life is just simply the core of who you.

How To Survive When Your World Falls Apart

About two years ago, I was working in a professional career that I had been building for nearly twenty years. I had been at my company for thirteen years, and had been generally commended and given positive reviews and regular bonuses and raises for most of that time. I had just left a terrible and traumatic relationship, and due to two years of criticism , gaslighting, and conflict, was experiencing severe depression. I was on medication that made it hard for me to focus and which gave me anxiety attacks. My manager let me know that I was on probation at work, something that had never happened to me in my entire career. One of the few lights in my life was an arts community that I had been very active in for several years, and I had just applied for a volunteer position working for the overseeing organization, which meant a great deal to me. Though every day seemed like an incredible struggle, I was trying to pull things back together, do better at work, get on different medication, and continue to heal from the trauma of the relationship.

Ever had life blow up on you? Perhaps you're going through a breakup and then you get laid off. Or your job is all wrong for you but you can't find a new one and then you get sick. Or you get sober and realize your life is a mess. When life crashes, it's easy to feel stuck, anxious and angry.

When it seems your life is falling apart, your outlook dictates your your FREE copy of my comprehensive eBook titled: NAVIGATE LIFE and.
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I love encouragers…I love being one, I love listening to them, I love hearing from them and this is why I have an encourager of the month to help us all to fly higher than ever before. Life is a journey and I hope my steps to surviving can help you in what feels like the darkest of moments. Feel the misery. Yes, I want you to cry, shout, growl, throw a tantrum — whatever needs doing to get the first wave of pain out. Confide in a friend.

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  1. The world can throw so many things at us, and often times it can feel like everything is crumbling around us. When it feels like your whole world is falling apart, you have to learn how to stop, assess, and evaluate. Here are all the things you need to remember when everything is.

  2. A plan to help you survive when life seems to be falling apart. I've had that feeling of being “secure” in many things in my short life – relationships, finances, .

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