British mystery tv series full episodes

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british mystery tv series full episodes

Cozy Mystery Corner - Mystery TV Shows and Movies: TV Mystery Shows Showing 1-50 of 134

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Published 20.04.2019

A Mind to Murder (ITV 1995)

9 British Murder-Mystery Shows to Stream Right Now

When it comes to captivating British murder-mystery series, does anything spring to mind as easily as the quintessentially popular Sherlock? But if comedy , sci-fi , or period drama are where your Anglophile interests lie, we have those recommendations for you, too. The long-running series revolves around the eponymous Belgian detective in hot pursuit of white-collar criminals, often accompanied by his daft but well-meaning sidekicks. Damn it, Hastings! All of the Poirot novels were adapted, so you have a lot of episodes to look forward to.

He overdoes the mustache, adorning his face with an enormous, Chester Alan Arthur monstrosity. The hodgepodge of a cast features everything from aging British thespians to American B-list actors to Broadway stars to. For a minute, it almost looks like a prequel to Snowpiercer. On TV there are more British detectives than you can shake a stick at. Coming in at number 10 is A Dorothy L.

Gertrude Stein called mysteries the most demanding form of fiction , because a good mystery requires a watertight plot with believable events and logical characters. Anything less and the story falls apart. Not surprisingly, the best version of this kind of story often comes from the land of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. Like many Americans, I seem to find an elevated joy in the British accent. And perhaps because Sherlock Holmes looms over the genre, something about British detectives solving these mysteries just seems right. Also not surprisingly, Netflix seems to excel in this category. Flowers bloom, nightingales sing and homicide is as common as hay fever.

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