Well intentioned white people review

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well intentioned white people review

Good White People: The Problem with Middle-Class White Anti-Racism by Shannon Sullivan

Argues for the necessity of a new ethos for middle-class white anti-racism.

Building on her book Revealing Whiteness, Shannon Sullivan identifies a constellation of attitudes common among well-meaning white liberals that she sums up as “white middle-class goodness.” She critiques this orientation as being more concerned with establishing anti-racist bona fides than with confronting systematic racism and privilege.

Sullivan untangles the complex relationships between class and race in contemporary white identity and outlines four ways this orientation is expressed, each serving to establish one’s lack of racism:

* The denigration of lower-class white people as responsible for ongoing white racism

* The demonization of antebellum slaveholders

* An emphasis on colorblindness, especially in the context of white childrearing

* The cultivation of attitudes of white guilt, shame, and betrayal

To move beyond these distancing strategies, Sullivan argues, white people need a new ethos that acknowledges and transforms their whiteness in the pursuit of racial justice rather than seeking a self-righteous distance from it.

Shannon Sullivan is Head of the Philosophy Department and Professor of Philosophy, Women’s Studies, and African American Studies at Penn State University. She is the author and editor of many books, including Race and Epistemologies of Ignorance (coedited with Nancy Tuana), also published by SUNY Press.
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Published 19.04.2019

White People Feel Discriminated Against? - The View

A well-intentioned play has its say at Barrington Stage Company

Worse, the title is literal, not ironic, meaning that author Rachel Lynett pre-interprets the play for the audience. All you need know about the plot is that after the main character, a black lesbian professor, suffers from racist vandalism, her white friends, colleagues and students set about trying to make it right. Affixing the lens provided by the title, you can predict exactly where the play will go. And it largely does. This is too bad, because Barrington Stage Company's small theater, the St.

Looking to make tenure and not wanting to ruffle any feathers, Cass is pushed by her community to lead a diversity day on her own behalf and is asked to be the face of her race. Each displaying a range of emotion and dynamics as their characters navigate the windy and often choppy waters with such strength and dexterity that there is not even a moment we doubt them. International: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Samy is an actor, aerialist, pianist, puppeteer, and vocalist. Samy is also an activist and public speaker on the leadership team for the Baltimore Transgender Alliance, and works with various organizations on peer support, youth mentorship, and outreach for LGBTQ-identified individuals. TV credits include Transparent Amazon.

About this show

Germain Stage. Lynett's play focuses on a young academically accomplished black female college professor named Cass Myxolydia Tyler in a striking, finely tuned, roiling performance , a member of the arts faculty at a small liberal arts college in a "hip and liberal town in a red state Maybe Austin or Orlando or [Lynett's native] Northwest Arkansas," Lynett writes in the introductory pages of her manuscript. Cass' academic specialty is the literature and art of the African diaspora with a particular focus on the Caribbean. She is on a tenure track. And then, her well-ordered life begins to come apart.

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  1. Pittsfield, Mass. "Well Intentioned White People" broadcasts its theme with its title. Worse, the title is literal, not ironic, meaning that author.

  2. BWW Review: WELL INTENTIONED WHITE PEOPLE at Barrington Stage Company dares audiences to go beyond getting Woke.

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