Topic life in the countryside

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topic life in the countryside

A Country Life: At Home in the English Countryside by Roy C. Strong

Sir Roy Strong and his wife, the designer Julia Trevelyan Oman, have lived in the country for nearly thirty years. In 1987 he was asked to write an occasional column reflecting this quintessentially English way of life for the prestigious magazine A Country Life. This charming book brings these popular pieces together, portraying the passing of the seasons in what the author describes as his ‘beloved adopted county’ of Herefordshire.

A Country Life is a wide-ranging kaleidoscope of memories and observations, embracing the countryside, gardens, cooking, and remembrances of things both long gone and only yesterday. The author writes lyrically of the arrival of the bright green tarragon shoots in spring; of the delights of eating al fresco; of making sorbets from blackberry and quince; of the russet beech hedges in winter and the sweet nostalgia that comes from unpacking Christmas decorations.

The keynote of A Country Life is delight – a portrait of life in the English countryside, which seems as old as time itself.
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City life vs. country life

Big city glamor? Try big city cost.
Roy C. Strong

Escape to the Country: is rural life healthier for workers?

It would not only be a sin withought an escape from but also a crime. In the 19th century it was considered a crime to break the marriage bond because of adultery. Comparing to House of Ulloa, Pedro married Nucha yet throughout the novel he as a husband does not remind himself of the vows, he feels that he is superior, only the woman has to be pure not the man. And therefore, what are the advantages and disadvantages of rural and urban environment. The life quality is one of the major factors to consider while comparing rural and urban living. That is why the main task to be made when talking about advantages and disadvantages of urban versus rural life is evaluating such important factors as health and employment possibilities, presents and quality of educational institutions, coast of living, diversity. A poem to compare to this, also dealing with accomplishment and disappointment, is Apparent Failure, which discusses.

I have always been a self-confessed London girl. I would harp on to anyone who would listen about how, and why, I loved my city with it's hidden art galleries and foodie hotspots. It's endless opportunities for fun, exploration, education and socialising. If there was a new exhibition or a niche, independent festival, I was there. Then I turned 28 and suddenly everything changed. Around mid I started to feel rundown.

Secondly, the environment of cities and rural areas is very different. On the other hand, in large cities, there are many technological facilities that are renewed and constantly evolving, the motors and people are the basic cause of pollution. In addition, due to employment opportunities, people are moving from the countryside. And it makes the city crowded and filled with waste. In addition, the proportion of consumption is too high due to population growth, increased demand, and people's deforestation for housing construction and urban expansion.

I like to visit my grandmother in the countryside.
elephant has a long trunk

An Unreal Sunset in Winter Evening a poem by Archibald Lampman

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. There are around seven billion people all over the world reside in our mother Earth.

It has been the dream of retirees for thousands of years: to escape the urban sprawl and settle down in the countryside where the air is cleaner, and the life is quieter, and healthier. Even Roman emperor Diocletian retired to the coast, so taken was he with the idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The first ruler to voluntarily abdicate, he swapped persecuting Christians for the simple pleasures of tending a vegetable patch. These days, thanks to technological advances, growing numbers of professionals are choosing to base themselves in the countryside, not to retire, but because in many industries there is simply no need to be chained to a desk in the city. A broadband connection and the choice of a phone, tablet or phablet is all that you need. Greater acceptance among employers of flexible working and the extra capital gained from rising house prices in major cities has made moving out to a rural idyll both acceptable and affordable for legions of workers.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay Topic: Ecology. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to live in cities than to live in countryside because they think large cities can provide a great deal of advantages and opportunities for a better life. In my opinion, living in a peaceful countryside is better because of several reasons as below: Firstly, living in the countryside helps you to be closer to the nature that is obviously very good for your health. Houses in the countryside are surrounded by trees, flowers, etc. Don't use plagiarized sources.

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