How to become a druid in real life

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how to become a druid in real life

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic and Lore by Douglas Monroe

Book Description Publication Date: September 8, 2002 King Arthur would get advice from his magician, Merlyn, in the mythic stories. The real Arthur (who lived over 500 years before the period of the mythic Arthur) was trained by a Druid bard and poet named Merlyn. The result was an unprecedented period of peace that lasted for twenty years. In Douglas Monroes The 21 Lessons of Merlyn, youll read delightful stories based on the historic Arthur and Merlyn. Each one is followed by lessons based on the never-before-published 16th century manuscript entitled The Book of Pheryllt. In a metaphoric sense, youll see how Arthur learned his lessons. In a practical sense, you be learning the same sort of lessons that Arthur may have learned. This is truly a complete course in authentic Celtic Druidism and magick. Filled with lore, philosophy, wisdom, rituals, and more, youll be able to apply many of these concepts to improve your life. If you are looking for accurate information, this is the place to start! Douglas Monroe has studied magick since he was ten years old and has taught in the United States, Britain, and South America, and is the founder of the New Forest Centre for Magickal Studies. His own illustrations and charts fill the book and clarify the deep teachings of the ancient Druids. From learning about Stonehenge to the Rite of the 3 Rays for protective purification; from learning the four herbs that will aid in conserving male sexual energy to discovering the secrets of calling the Dragon (the power of the ley lines); this book is like a full course meal in a cafeteria of magick. If you are really interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the real tradition of the Druids - what they believed, what they practiced and how to incorporate it into your life - then join with 120,000 other people. Get this book today!
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A Priest discusses Druidism and Dudeism

How does one become a Druid?

Although many people attracted to Druidry join a group or order to further their studies or spiritual development, there are many more who simply begin to adopt Druid beliefs and practices because they find that they reflect feelings and beliefs that they already hold about life. There is no sense of obligation to always celebrate the eight festivals, for example. Instead, being a Druid or following the way of Druidism, is at heart an attitude of mind that is based broadly upon the beliefs outlined in the article on Beliefs in this section of the website, and that seeks the development and expression of love, creativity and wisdom. How each individual chooses to live from this fundamental attitude towards life is the choice and responsibility of that individual, and no-one else. Some choose to treat Druidism as their religion as well as it reflecting their philosophy of life, others choose to practice a different religion, such as Christianity, Buddhism or Wicca, while still holding to the core beliefs and principles of Druidism, which are compatible with all spiritual paths. Those who follow Druidry without being affiliated with any particular group, usually build their practice and follow their studies through reading books, browsing information available on the Web, and perhaps through attending workshops or retreats, or participating in online discussion forums. While this approach is appealing since it allows much flexibility, many people find that they need a more structured approach, or sense the need for some sort of guidance in their spiritual practice and studies.

When I put out the question to readers of the blog what would be the topics you would like me to write about it became obvious that this one was extremely popular. This is a very important question and as ever I find my thoughts leading me to answer it in a very roundabout way. Maybe our ideal view of a Druidic practice would be similar to the photograph in this blog. Sitting on a high mountain, arms raised high to the rising sun, singing the Awen and feeling the blessings of life. When I first stepped upon the Druid path I experienced that sense of coming home that so many people feel.

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What does it mean to be a Druid today? Some people say there is no way anyone could claim to be Druid today, others say that one can be a Druid after completing coursework and still others claim that one cannot be a Druid unless they fulfil all of the functions that Druids fulfilled in their time. Looking at this from a practical point of view, it would seem that one could not claim to be a Druid today:. The ancient Druids lived in a different time than we do — The Druids of old always struck me as being quite in line with their times and up to date on the knowledge and atmosphere of their times. They were very involved with their times because they had to be.

W hat do pagans actually believe in? GK Chesterton's famous quote is frequently invoked: "When a man stops believing in God, he doesn't then believe in nothing — he believes anything. I remarked in my previous article that currently pagans are realising that they don't really have much in common with one another. You'd think this would have been apparent from the get-go, and I'm sure in ancient times it was, but both wicca and, to a lesser extent, modern druidry , were set up in part as a reaction to prevailing Christianity and culture, and thus you have alliances that are somewhat artificial: more of a question of defining something by what it is not, rather than what it is. The demographic is changing these days, but a number of pagans came out of repressive Christian upbringings and fled as far as they could towards one of the principal opposites available to them. Many pagans do believe in deities, or figures from mythology that are now treated as deities with little or no theological justification. Why choose one and not the other?

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  1. Pagan reflections from a Druid author — life, community, inspiration, health, hope, and radical change.

  2. And having become a Druid, does one simply continue to be a Druid, or is it a . long as you remember that it's just a communications channel and not real life.

  3. Posts about Becoming a Druid written by Nimue Brown. vegetables, weave a basket or throw a pot you have to deal directly with real things.

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