How to make a narwhal out of clay

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how to make a narwhal out of clay

Aircraft Instruments by E.H.J. Pallett

Description The Purpose of thisauthoritative and Internationally accepted handbook is to Provideclear explanations of the operating principles of the instrumentsand associated systems needed for flight handling and navigation,and for monitoring the performance of aircraft power plants. Inupdating and revising for this second edition, the author has takenthe opportunity to expand his original treatment of same devices,such as the gyroscope and synchronous transmission systems, tointroduce representative examples of new development, and toincorporate tables of physical data basic to the operation ofcertain types of instruments. For Sale in Indiansubcontinent only Requirement and Standards. Instrument elements and mechanisms. Instrument displays, panels and layouts. Pitot-static instruments and systems. Primary flight instruments (attitude indication). Heading indicating instruments. Remote-indicating compasses. Aircraft magnetism and its effects on compasses. Synchronous data-transmission systems. Measurement of engine speed. Measurement of temperature. Measurement of Pressure. Measurement of fuel quantity and Fuel Flow. Engine power and control instruments. Integrated instrument and Flight director systems. Flight data recording. E H J Pallett, T Eng(CEI), AMRAeS, FSLAET, is a surveyorwith the airworthiness division of the UK civil Aviation Authorityand has associated responsibility for the technical examination oflicensed aircraft engineers concerned with instrument, electricaland automatic flight control systems, and responsibility for therecognition and approval of schools which provide for the trainingof maintenance engineers.
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DIY Narwhal Ornament

Follow these simple instructions to make your own little Narwhal Bookmark. Take a paper clip and push into the flat section of one half of the clay. This will form the head part of Mr Narwhal. Roll out a long thin sausage shape about half the width you want the horn to be. With hindsight it might have been better to take a piece of cocktail stick and twist one piece. Smoosh the edge of the horn to smooth out the join mark. Use a wet finger or popsicle stick to smooth the edges.

Toilet Paper Roll Narwhal Craft – Materials

I love that narwhals have become so popular in the crafting world in the past year. If you would like to create an adorable narwhal of your own, you can make one with EasySculpt epoxy modeling clay. Your package of EasySculpt will contain directions, gloves, and the two parts of the clay: resin and hardener. Wearing gloves, remove equal parts of EasySculpt resin and hardener. It is important to keep the ratios even so that the clay will set up properly. Roll, fold, and mix the two parts together until the clay is a uniform color.

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  1. Every year the kids and I make clay ornaments to add to our Christmas Tree and this year was no exception.

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