How to become a real person

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how to become a real person

How to be a Real Person by Sally Warner

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At first glance, Sally Warners How to Be a Real Person (in Just One Day) may appear to be a casual observational diary of an average prepubescent girl. But after reading 11-year-old Karas first list, How to Get Ready for School, the reader is well aware that this book is anything but ordinary. Kara lives her life quietly, almost on an hourly basis. Creating lists for every part of her day helps this troubled and lonely girl help feel more real. Essentially, that is the goal of the whole book and her whole life. If she follows rules and lists and observes all the real people around her, she can forget the so-called reality that prevails in her house. Her mother is sick and has been sick her whole life. She suffers from depression, and when her mom doesnt take her meds, or they simply dont work, Kara is left to pick up the pieces. For Kara, there were good times when she was younger, but now those moments are few and far between.

And Kara has a secret -- all of this has gotten worse. But ever since her father moved out, she doesnt want to expose the horror of her life to anybody. Not even her friend, Stephanie. Karas home life doesnt really allow for more than one friends concerns or requests to come over to Karas house after school. The list of excuses are better used on one person. Her troubling home life affects Kara in every way, including school. She includes a list for How to Avoid a Family Conference. Trying to allay the worries of her teacher, she claims her phone is not working, or her parents are out on business. But all of Karas attempts to hide her mothers growing depression are shattered when a fluke visit to Stephanies house results in a fog of cops, her father, and Stephanies family at Karas house.

Throughout the book, Kara often refers to the character of Karana in Island of the Blue Dolphins. Kara feels she has been stranded on a lonely island of her own. When things get crazy in her life, she retreats there and all is good. Warner does an amazing job of relating Karas denial of her moms depression as well as her loss of hope. Kara is desperate and aged beyond her 11 years and the reader is anxious to see someone save her -- or save herself. A wonderfully insightful and detailed look at the life of one girl, and how reality is in the eye of the beholder. (Amy Barkat)

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12 Actions You Can Take to Become a Better Person and a Better Leader

We all want happiness , success, love and prosperity. Most of us believe that if we could just do things a little better, improve ourselves a little more, we would become a better person capable of achieving our dreams. Sounds good, right? The truth is, none of us is perfect and we never will be. Here are 12 concepts to help you along the way to becoming the best possible version of yourself. Your journey to becoming a better person starts with understanding who you are at your core. This is about becoming more in tune with your deeper self, so you recognize what riles you up, what makes you happy or sad.

We're young, we don't have full time jobs, and for many of us, we're still on our parents' dime. But suddenly you wake up one morning and realize that you are halfway through college and graduation is only a short time away. It was easy going out every night and eating cheesy sticks instead of doing homework when you were a freshman because you still had three years to raise that GPA above a B average. But things change in the blink of an eye. If you're anything like me, you may have avoided joining any clubs in college, getting a job, and going to class as often as physically possible without actually failing hopefully. But there's a point in time when we all realize that college isn't lifelong, and we decide to become "real people," or what I like to call people who actually have their lives together. If I've learned anything over the past month--which is when I decided to enter the realm of real people--it's that it is surprisingly easy to get involved in things and gain experience for life after college.

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You don't have to be a billionaire, or a CEO, or an astronaut to hold people's attention — you can just be you. It's a question of knowing how to highlight the traits that make you different from the person next to you.

The word "authenticity" is the new buzzword. Everything from jeans to potato chips to historical tours is given the label "authentic," which really just means real. But there is something behind the concept of authenticity, or realness. In our busy, very superficial world, there's a lot of fakery, deception, and contrived perfection; we're all trying to live up to certain images and ideals and in the process lose something of our "true selves. Categories: Self Discovery. There are 28 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Method 1.

Baby steps, right? Research shows that negative news can poorly affect your mental health. Experts recommend this to their patients, and do it themselves to keep their own stress under control. Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself during a chaotic news cycle. Therapists say a people-pleasing habit can hurt your mental well-being.

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