How to take good field notes

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how to take good field notes

Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith

Having just been dumped by his girlfriend, British-born Hugo is still determined to take his last-hurrah-before-college train trip across the United States. One snag: the companion ticket is already booked under the name of his ex, Margaret Campbell. Nontransferable, no exceptions.

Enter the new Margaret C. (Mae for short), an aspiring filmmaker with big dreams. After finding Hugos spare ticket offer online, shes convinced its the perfect opportunity to expand her horizons.

When the two meet, the attraction is undeniable, and both find more than they bargained for. As Mae pushes Hugo to explore his dreams for his future, hell encourage her to channel a new, vulnerable side of her art. But when life off the train threatens the bubble theyve created for themselves, will they manage to keep their love on track?
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A template for writing fieldnotes

Refers to notes created by the researcher during the act of qualitative fieldwork to remember and record the behaviors, activities, events, and other features of an observation. Field notes are intended to be read by the researcher as evidence to produce meaning and an understanding of the culture, social situation, or phenomenon being studied. The notes may constitute the whole data collected for a research study [e. Schwandt, Thomas A. The ways in which you take notes during an observational study is very much a personal decision developed over time as you become more experienced in observing. However, all field notes generally consist of two parts:.

Field notes can be useful for a number of things, both personal and professional. When you're dealing with a compact notebook, however, it's important to ensure you are maximizing the available space. The benefit of a field notebook is its size, but if you don't use the space you have to its fullest potential, that benefit can quickly become a hindrance. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping good field notes. Your field notebook is compact to maximize portability. It's important to know why you have it and what you're using it for.

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I knew from earlier visits that these different settings would mean that I was in for very different fieldwork experiences. I also knew I was unlikely to have much control over events. However, I could take steps to standardise my data collection and notetaking processes as much as possible. In the early stages of my research I decided to create a fieldwork template with that goal in mind. This includes noting direct quotes and snippets of conversations, text messages, filenames of voice recordings, and what photos I took.

Recently I was in a field setting observing a classroom. I thought about taking notes on my tablet or laptop, but I thought that might be distracting for those in the classroom. I went old school — I took a pad and hand wrote notes, and began by drawing an organizational map of the classroom. In the evening, I typed up the notes on my computer, and included as many details as I could recall. With permission of the administrators in the setting, I also took some photos in the classroom that provided context for my descriptions of what went on. What ended up in my field notes? I included information about the physical artifacts in the room and what was on the walls; took note of who was in the classroom and how the furniture was arranged.

Everyone knows you're supposed to stop and smell the roses every now and again, but if you really want to improve your observational powers it might be a good idea to sketch that rose out as well. In fact, Time Magazine recommends taking field notes throughout the day to better track your day. Most people are casual observers at work or in life. It's not a bad thing, but as scientists note, "seeing is not observing. Time explains:. First, scientists train their attention, learning to focus on relevant features and disregard those that are less salient.

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