I bow down to pray

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i bow down to pray

Quote by Langston Hughes: “Bow down and pray in fear and trembling, go way...”

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Published 19.03.2019

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Should I always bow down in prayer? - Psalm 95:6

I was thinking the other day about prayer. Then today I was hit with some wisdom. Knowledge I already had but shown to me in a different way. You showed up before the storm ever hit. You showed up before the wreckage, before the rain, before the wind, before the sun rolled away and the dark clouds came out. You showed up before James Spann told us to take shelter.

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How many of you have a dog? Even if you do not, you may notice dogs doing something around certain people, especially their owners. They often fall down to the ground and roll over onto their back. You may think they are looking for a good tummy rub but actually they are expressing of submission or obedience. Orthodox Christians have a particular way of expressing our submission and obedience to God. We do this in a small way by bowing our heads.

Psalm mentions two types of posture in worship: bowing down and kneeling. These are associated with genuine worship Psa. They can be part of being reverent and even part of prayer. One of the Hebrew words meaning "to bow down" shachah is used some 54 times in the O. However, bowing down is not the only accepted posture in worship, reverence or prayer. No other posture is mentioned in the text.

When do you give up on someone you love? I'm not talking about if you're in a relationship with a narcissist, but when you love someone that is emotionally wounded, someone that struggles to love and believe in themselves; someone that just wants to be loved but is in so much emotional pain that they lose hope and want to give up on themselves. What do you do? So often, what they feel is that no one could truly love them for who they really are and that no one will stay, everyone that they've let themselves care for has eventually gone away. That makes them angry and afraid and that makes them try to push you away, essentially saying to you "there's the door," even though they desperately want you to stay. It's like they try to prove to you why they're no good for you.

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