Revival didn t go viral

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revival didn t go viral

Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival by Leonard Sweet

The gospel is nothing without relationship. And no one gets it like the Google Generation.
God came to earth to invite us, personally, into a relationship. And while Christians at times downplay relationships, the social-media generation is completely sold on the idea. In Viral, Leonard Sweet says Christians need to learn about connecting with others from the experts—those who can’t seem to stop texting, IM-ing, tweeting, and updating their Facebook statuses. What would happen, he asks, if Christians devoted less attention to strategies and statistics and paid more attention to pursuing relationships?
The current generation is driven by a God-given desire to know others and to be known by others. Most of them, in seeking to connect in meaningful ways, have found a place of belonging that is outside the organized church. Why not bring the two together?
Those who are sold out to relationships can teach Christians how to be better friends to people who need God. At the same time, members of the social-media generation can learn how to follow their desire for belonging, straight into the arms of God. It’s time for relationship to be restored to the heart of the gospel. And when that happens, can revival be far behind?
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Published 19.03.2019


Eminem releases surprise album Kamikaze - listen

Nineteen years into his career and 45 years old, the Detroit rapper is far from the underdog with a rough start trying to make a name for himself. Eminem seemed to thrive under the controversy that surrounded his music. The personality, his aggressive energy verging on psychosis, quick-fire raps, and the sarcastic humour he injected into his music helped him to amass a worldwide following and look past the violent undertones. Over eighteen years after his breakthrough success, his album Revival was a massive comedown for the veteran rapper. Despite being one of the most well established and rappers in the game, Revival generally received negative reviews and was considered a flop by the numbers. Despite the talents of each individual artist, these are the mainstream artists Eminem used to take so much pleasure in despising, thus making these features feel inauthentic. And this confusion was understandable.

To a certain brand of existential crank, Eminem albums were once affirmations that it was okay to be angry and defiant. Squeaky clean, cookie-cutter pop acts personified the homogenization of the American teenager, the logic went. If you were a smart-ass, Em was your man on the inside. He made the machinery of celebrity look slipshod and silly. His craft was a fruit of a decade of practice, but on television, he never seemed very rehearsed. The ascendant rap god, born Marshall Mathers, was destroying and rebuilding pop as we knew it.

Saying the rapper is a bit sour over the reactions to his last album would be an understatement. Eminem raps that "Revival didn't go viral" on his newest album.
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After almost 20 years in the music industry, the rapper has a sold over million records around the globe and has been awarded 15 Grammy Awards ; on Aug. Though the rapper has proved to be successful and gifted, it seems that within the last few years he has been reliving his early years as a misfit as he began struggling to remain relevant in a highly competitive genre. Cole for their music. The track itself is beautiful and the rapper is clear to admit his wrongdoings and mistreatment of others during his harsh times in the limelight. Eminem and his Bad Meets Evil pal did not hold back on mocking rappers who claim to be gang related and full of criminal history, when in fact, that is never the case.



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