Free mystery books for kindle

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free mystery books for kindle

Free Mystery Books For Kindle: Linked List Of Over 400 Classic Crime And Detective eBooks For Kindle And iPad by Morris Rosenthal

This list of all the free classic mystery and crime eBooks on Amazon works best on iPad and Kindle 3. If you click the linked title, it will bring you directly to the product page for the free eBook in the Kindle store. If you are using a Kindle 3, an iPad, or other eBook reader with a decent web browser, you can sign into your Amazon account and download the eBook immediately.

If you are reading on an older Kindle 2 or Kindle 1, you can add the book to your Wish List and the next time you use a computer to access Amazon, you can have the Wish List items sent to your Kindle for free. Or, if you want to begin reading a eBook immediately on an older Kindle, you can simply note the title and cover design of the linked eBook in the Kindle store, and then search for the title with your Kindle. If there are multiple copies, pick the one with the cover that matches, confirm that it is free, and then download it to your Kindle.

I began building handpicked collections of free Kindle eBooks last year after my father paid several dollars for classic book when the identical version was available on Kindle for free. With over 60 mystery and crime authors in this collection, I hope it leads you to some new favorites.

The selection of authors and titles for this list wasnt a straightforward task. In cases of lesser know novelists like Harding or less prolific crime/philosophy writers like Dostoyevsky, I included all of their free novels. With literary giants like Dickens and Conrad I only include the mystery/crime novels. Wodehouse was known for both comedy and mystery. Rohmer also dabbled in the occult, Stoker is more identified with horror. Lyttons crime stories are categorized Newgate Fiction rather than mysteries, but hes included here for coining It was a dark and stormy night in the novel Paul Clifford.

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Ready to curl up with a good book? Here are seven good books, all of them free, all of them mysteries or thrillers for your Kindle app or e-reader.
Morris Rosenthal

Seven free mystery novels for Kindle

With a clairvoyant-like ability to hunt down criminals, Razors is a police asset. To his supervisors he's a liability; a brutal street cop who makes his own rules. He's formed a mind-blowing theory about existence, and if he proves it's true, it threatens everyone. The missing actress? The executive producer, his eavesdropping assistant?

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His boss finds him obsessive. Suspects think him gorgeous but dangerous. Chief Inspector Gray James is sculpting the remembered likeness of his small son when he receives the call — a faceless corpse is found hanging by the choppy river. Corn: Psychotherapist Suzanne faces danger in the newly-acquired Victorian home she shares with her puppy. Unless she discovers who murdered her then, history will repeat itself — soon — in this supernatural beyond time romantic mystery. A physical therapist without the means to save her mother. From NYT bestselling author Marata Eros comes a 1 bestselling crime thriller meets dark romance with too many twists to see coming!

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Best Rabid Reader’s Reads of 2014

All of the filters are bookmarkable too, so you can also bookmark any page and the filter settings will be kept when you return to the bookmark. Kisses, Suzi: A Short Thriller. After Jimmie uploads an update to his GPS, the device develops an attitude and starts calling the shots. During an outing, its obsession with Jimmie becomes dangerous for him and his girlfriend as the GPS subtly formulates and implements a systematic plan to take Brenda out so it can have Jimmie all to itself. Jimmie finds himself in a nightmarish predicament and is fighting for survival, resisting the mounting calculated threats and blackmail.



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