Mako shark facts for kids

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mako shark facts for kids

Mako Sharks by Nico Barnes


Houran, L. H., & Marquez, F. (2015). How to spy on a shark. Albert Whitman & Company.

Rationale for teach twin text selection. How it enhances nonfiction book.

First, both books are specifically about Mako Sharks. How to spy on a shark tells a story about marine biologists going through their day in tracking a Mako shark and what they need to go through. In showing students a simplified day around a Mako shark, it gives some context both on their size related to adults and children, but also what is needed to interact with one. It provides some background information and begins having the students think about the shark before getting into facts about one

Identification of the text structure and text features of each non-fiction book.

This book is very similar to older ages animal and fish books. It focuses just on the one type of fish, the mako shark, but it goes into detail about what it eats, where it lives and other facts. The book is written in a fact finding manner with a table of contents at the front listing off various facets about the sharks make up and lifestyle. It has key words throughout that are highlighted and definitions can be found for them at the end.

Brief description of a strategy application that will engage students in critical thinking by making connections between texts.

I would use the two books in combination. I would begin with the nonfiction book, giving some information about the shark, then begin reading the picture book and stopping at times as the picture book mentions part of the sharks day and ask questions about what the students think, then check with them in the non-fiction book for an answer showing them basic study skill on how to look up facts.

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Mako shark Facts Interesting Facts about Mako shark

Get information about mako shark facts from the DK Find Out website for kids. Find out more about different shark species with fun facts from DK Find Out.
Nico Barnes

11 Facts About Mako Sharks

Though dwarfed by the closely related great white shark, makos are impressive fish in their own right: They're speedy, powerful predators that have been featured in famous literature and have a bizarre connection to election forecasting. Read on to learn more. For over years, marine biologists thought there was only one type of mako shark: the shortfin mako Isurus oxyrhinchus , which got its scientific name in A second mako—the longfin mako Isurus paucus —wasn't recognized as its own separate species until Identifying the second species took so long both because the makos look similar—both are open ocean predators with conical snouts and bluish-grey skin with white underbellies.

Mako Shark is the fastest shark species in the world. They belong to the Mackerel Shark family and are close relative of great white shark. They have the largest brain to body ratios of all sharks. There are only two living species of these sharks that are remaining. They are called the Longfin Makos and the Shortfin Makos. These sharks prefer to live in tropical and temperate waters. They are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans along the equatorial line.

There is the shortfin mako shark — Isurus oxyrinchus — and the longfin mako shark — Isurus paucus. Shortfin mako sharks are bluish on top with pale coloration around the eyes while longfin mako sharks are dark blue or grayish black on top with dark coloration around the eyes. As their name implies, longfin mako sharks have longer and broader pectoral fins — the fins that shoot out of their sides. In fact, sometimes, these fins are even longer than their heads. They also have larger eyes.

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The shortfin mako shark also is known as the blue pointer and bonito shark. It is considered an animal dangerous to humans because of the speed which can attack and its ability to jump into the fishing boats. The body of the mako shark is cylindrical, fusiform and hydrodynamic. There is sexual dimorphism since the female is visibly larger than the male. An adult can measure between 3.

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  1. This lesson will introduce you to the fastest shark in the ocean! The mako shark is both popular with fishermen, and feared for its speed and sharp.

  2. Mako Shark is the fastest shark species in the world. Their average speed is 60 mphwhen hunting for prey. They belong to the Mackerel Shark family.

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