Alton brown pie crust video

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alton brown pie crust video

Im Just Here for More Food: Food x Mixing + Heat = Baking by Alton Brown

I was waiting to review this until I had tried a recipe and tonight I did. I made the peanut butter cookies. I have made many batches of peanut butter cookies over the years and have never had a bad batch. Altons are very good cookies, but not my favorite. Theyre kind of crunchy, and I like a chewier cookie, but thats just me. Dont get me wrong; ABs are excellent, too.

The real reason Im giving this book 5 stars is that its just such an interesting read for someone who loves baking. I had a lot of Ah ha moments reading about the chemistry and physics of baking. Actually, I knew I had a touch for it, and now I understand more clearly what I have been doing right. And I definitely have picked up some valuable pointers for improving.

The writing is light and amusing and easy to read but gives some really solid information. Its almost a dummies kind of read, only youre not pretending to be stupid because there happens to be an area in which youre not expert, which I think is the problem of the concept behind the dummies books. Youre not a dummy just because you dont know Photoshop or antique coin collecting. Youre a dummy if you are interested in one of those things but wont read up on it. So anyone reading a dummies book has proven, ironically, that they are not. Wow, what a digression. What Im saying is that Alton uses a similar light touch with humor and helpful diagrams but without insulting you for not already knowing it.

Some people might not like his insistence on unusual methods, like weighing ingredients by volume. There are little things to pick at in this book like that. He also insists that you have a stand mixer if youre going to bake cookies. He says handhelds dont cut it and neither does manual mixing. But I mixed manually on cookies for years when I was young and poor and they always came out great. Then I used hand mixers for many more years and my cookies were, of course, fine. So hes kind of unrealistic in his expectations for the equipment of the average Joes kitchen. But its fun to dream of one day having all that stuff and knowing you would have this book to help you know how to use it.

To recap: only made one recipe and liked it. But the book (and theres quite a lot of text, this is far more than a cookbook), is a pleasure to read.
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Good Eats S02E04 Crust Never Sleeps

This method of rolling out pie dough, fitting it to the pie plate, crimping the edges, and blind baking the crust is one you can use with any pie dough recipe and for any pie recipe that requires a pre-baked or blind-baked pie crust.
Alton Brown

Alton Brown’s Pie Crust

We're proud of the flaky texture of this crust, which can be difficult to achieve with gluten-free ingredients. Thorough baking and a golden brown color will give this crust a wonderful toasty flavor. This is enough for a single 9" crust, but can easily be doubled to make a two-crust pie. Note that the Instant ClearJel used here is optional; it's not packaged in a gluten-free facility, and thus isn't suitable for celiacs, or for those with a strong allergy to gluten. Cut the cold butter into pats, then work the pats into the flour mixture until it's crumbly, with some larger, pea-sized chunks of butter remaining. Whisk the egg and vinegar or lemon juice together until very foamy. Mix into the dry ingredients.

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Are you also an avid follower of Alton Brown? This celebrity chef not just gave me the best recipe there is, but taught me how to make it the right way. I have this habit of collecting recipes of my favorite food. One day, I just came across with the Alton Brown quiche, and since then, I found myself making the delicious tart for whatever party or occasion it might be. Let me share with you the Alton Brown Quiche that I managed to make and perfect in time. The combination of milk or cream and eggs makes the flaky crust thick. Although it is from French cuisine, you can find the recipe anywhere.

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