How to ice skate for the first time

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how to ice skate for the first time

How to Ice Skate: Beginners Guide to Ice Skating by Ben Hopkins

Learn all the Basics of Ice Skating Here!

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“How to Ice Skate: Beginner’s Guide” is a comprehensive handbook for first-time skaters written by Mr. Ben Cheung. As a qualified skating instructor with almost ten years of experience with beginners, Mr. Cheung covers the basics of skating with all those interested in the sport, and provides step-by-step instructions for all the skills a beginner skater will require for their first time on the ice. Throughout this book, Ben looks at a brief history of ice skating, teaches about the equipment, mindset, and skills for ensuring that beginners are ready for an all-inclusive skating lesson.

This book is definitely for those who wishes to engage themselves in the intriguing sport of ice skating, as well as for individuals interested in learning more about skating fundamentals. Mr. Ben Cheung’s passion for new ice skating methods has driven him to discover the most effective system of teaching beginners this frozen art form. His techniques and practices are being used in numerous ice skating organizations in North America. This ice skating guide covers in details the how to in forward skating, backward skating, stopping on ice (hockey stops), gliding on ice, and other essential skating abilities. Armed with this “learn to ice skate” manual, individuals can now deliver their own ice skating lesson to themselves, their family, or their friends. This book is highly recommended for adults who wish to learn ice skating or for parents trying to teach their child for the first time.

“How to Ice Skate: Beginner’s Guide” is a thoroughly enjoyable book, full instructions proven, tried, and used currently by renowned ice skating clubs and skating instructors. This guide will give readers a new perspective and understanding to this sport.

Heres a Preview of What Youll Learn
* Required & recommended equipment for skating
* Difference between 3 types of ice skates
* How to check for skate sharpness
* Preparing physically & mentally before stepping on ice
* Balance, Gliding, Stopping
* Proper forward & backward skating skills
* Advanced skills such as sculling


Comments from Other Readers

This is one of the most comprehensive yet easy to understand skating guides out on the market. Perfect for first time beginners wanting to be prepared - Emily Reid (Manchester, UK)

I read this before I went skating for the first time, and it helped a lot! Good thing I wore the protective equipment recommend or else I would have hurt myself - Jeff Ferguson (Colorado, US)

Simple, quick, effective, and useful guide for skating. What more can I say, it works! - Patrice Bell (Ontario, Canada)

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How To Ice Skate For Beginners

How to Ice Skate for the First Time

As a figure skater, I've always loved teaching people how to skate for the first time. No matter what your age is, if you are in fairly good health, you can ice skate and have fun doing it. I always recommend that adults try ice skating at least once or twice because so many just stand on the sidelines out of fear of falling or "looking silly" as one mom said. You may be shocked by the workout that you get, particularly when you always thought that skating was for kids and figure skaters never seem to break a sweat. Preferably, you should not wear shorts or anything that exposes the skin on your legs because if you fall, you may have to literally peel your skin off the ice. Before you get to the ice, you've got to get skates. Make sure that you know what your street shoe size is and ask for that size but be aware of the fact that a number of rinks only offer whole sizes.

Here are the tips for the first time Ice skaters to make the ride smooth and sound. Wear proper clothes. When ice skating , you should wear clothes that are easy to move around in and will not get heavy when wet. Do not wear jeans. When you fall they can get damp and will be harder to skate in. Try some warm, thick leggings, t- shirt, jacket, gloves, and hat.


How to Ice Skate - Ten Tips for Absolute Beginners

Ice skating is a sport you can learn at almost any age. It gives you a good aerobic workout and can improve your balance and coordination. Over time, you'll also strengthen your leg muscles, improve your joint flexibility, and have more endurance. Health benefits aside, ice skating is fun. You don't need anything except access to an ice rink and the willingness to try something new. Wear clothing that is warm and lightweight and that allows freedom of movement. A helmet isn't required, but if you're afraid of falling, a hockey or snowboarding helmet can give you some added protection and confidence.

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